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How Ground Switch-Test Stations Simplify Life for Locating Technicians

Locating technicians must go through several steps to do a locate or trace. First, they open up an.

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Save Time & Money with the Newly Designed MST Swing Arm

Protect your network and safely secure Multiple Service Terminals (MST) within enclosures. Our new.

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Reduce Installation Errors with SureFit™ Aluminum Automatic Splices

The SureFit™ automatic splice was designed to minimize partial insertion errors, the most common.

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How Transmission Kitting Keeps your Project on Track

In Alaska, the 115-kV Quartz Creek transmission line connects two hydroelectric dams on the Kenai.

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13 Tips for Installing Underground Separable Connectors

Ensure cutback dimensions are accurate and all cuts are square. Do not nick or cut the shield,.

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8 Tips for Bolted Connectors

All bolted deadends are rated 40% of the conductor RBS. Bolted deadends can be used in slack span.

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10 Tips for Installing Distribution Connectors in the Icy Conditions

Each utility has a set of guidelines for weather conditions in their area which takes into.

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Quick Ship your Substation Connectors

In the case of an emergency, natural disaster or major project, utilities can experience the need.

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Tips on Managing Arc Flashovers

An arc flash or arc flashover occurs when an electrical discharge goes through air. It can cause a.

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