Reduce Installation Errors with SureFit™ Aluminum Automatic Splices

Posted by Kimberly Thomas on Aug 30, 2018 9:37:00 AM

The SureFit automatic splice was designed to minimize partial insertion errors, the most common failure with automatic splices. On other splices, partial insertion may occur during installation when the conductor has not completely passed through the jaws, reaching the area of the center stop. Automatic Splice

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. has a patented insertion mitigation design, which prevents the jaws from engaging and biting down on the conductor until it is fully inserted.

A Clear Path

The SureFit automatic splice sets itself apart from other splices. First, the SureFit splice includes a longer funnel guide and longer pilot cup, which allows a clear path for the conductor to reach the jaws. This makes conductor insertion much smoother, especially when using larger size conductors

The Hollow Chamber

Also, SureFit automatic splices have a high density plastic pilot cup which has a hollow chamber, that allows the conductor strands to stay in place, minimizing the chance of errant strands, and a solid chamber that sits within the jaws allowing them to remain open without deforming the pilot cup.

Positive Insertion Indicator

Lastly, the funnel guide indicator is an indispensable feature of the SureFit splice. The funnel guide indicator will only deploy upon full conductor insertion meaning the conductor has to completely pass through the jaws. The jaws will then close and the high strength spring pushes the jaws forward, and triggering the funnel guide indicator to deploy. When the funnel guides deploy full conductor insertion has been achieved.

The SureFit splice is offered in a wide range of sizes and is available in a corrosion-resistant version. The SureFit splice ensures that installation is done correctly, whether used for storm restoration or routine maintenance. For further explanation, watch the SureFit In-Depth video.

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