Quick Ship your Substation Connectors

In the case of an emergency, utilities can experience the need for a rushed shipment of substation connectors to get the power back on.


In the case of an emergency, natural disaster or major project, utilities can experience the need for a rushed shipment of product to get the power back on. If a utility does not have sufficient replacements in stock, they have to depend on a vendor to supply connectors quickly at a reasonable cost.

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS) recognized the need and delivered with a rapid shipment program for substation connectors in August 2015. The HPS Quick Ship program promotes the rapid repair and construction of substations in a timely manner when a customer finds they are in critical need of connectors.

The Quick Ship program allows us to ship over 3,300 Substation Connector items in five days or less. HPS made an investment of over $700k in equipment for this product line to enable such a quick turnaround time. We also have a staff which is dedicated to keep Quick Ship on schedule. These investments have increased our overall efficiency and reduced lead times to days instead of weeks.shutterstock_36460876.jpg

The Quick Ship program is now available to all customers in the United States and Canada and even our International customers love the reduced lead times. Since the program began in 2015, HPS has shipped 99.3% of Quick Ship  orders in ≤5 days and the average time to ship was 2.1 days after receipt of the order. 


Call Customer Service to see which items are available for Quick Ship. You can reach them by email at or at 573.682.5521. You can also call your specific Customer Service Representative or Territory Manager to ask about Quick Ship. 


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