How Ground Switch-Test Stations Simplify Life for Locating Technicians

Posted by Hubbell Power Systems on Aug 30, 2021 2:00:00 PM

EM-91213 isolating ground switch test station Locating technicians must go through several steps to do a locate or trace. First, they open up an enclosure to isolate each wire from ground. Then they remove each grounding harness, so they can listen to find the line. However, the process of reassembling creates the potential for new problems. Nuts can get lost, bonds become loose, or harnesses can end up unattached.  

Isolating Ground Switches

An isolating ground switch simplifies locating jobs in the field. It provides a convenient and reliable means of bonding and unbonding ground wires in enclosures for testing. With the switch open, the system is unbonded, simplifying isolation for locating. When the switch is closed, the system is bonded to ground.

In the open position, locating technicians simply clip the locating transmitter onto the appropriate post to start the locating job. This saves time and eliminates problems. No need to remove connections to isolate and then reattach them. Nothing lost or loose.

New Test Station

Hubbell’s new EM-91213-OR isolating ground switch test station makes it easy. The isolating ground plate includes 13 test positions, along with a ground lug and switch. It features the same functionality as our EM-9125-OR isolating ground switch, but in a linear form that can easily mount vertically in an enclosure. The EM-91213-OR can be used not only in vaults and enclosures, but also pedestals, cabinets, utility marker posts, and hand holes.

Making Locating Easy

Using a test station involves a few simple steps. Leave all the bonding harnesses and ground connected. Simply place your thumb under the integrated ground disconnect lever on the top and move up. Everything is now isolated. Place your locating transmitter clip on one of the terminals for a direct isolated connection to the cable. When the locating is complete, just push down the lever to reinstate the ground connection for all the bonding harnesses. It’s that easy!  

EMC bonding and grounding products have been helping to connect homes, businesses, and communications networks since the 1970s. Our locating test stations keeps up with our customers’ evolving needs. 

To find out more about Hubbell’s isolating ground switch-test stations, contact your Hubbell sales representative. Or contact John by leaving a message in the comments.

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