11 Tips for Installing Line Arresters

Here are 11 tips for installing line arresters safely & efficiently. Ensure there is no binding of any hardware and all components are free to pivot as needed.

  1. Follow the directions, recommended work practices and be safe when installing line arresters.
  2. Inspect the packaging and product for signs of damage.
  3. Verify kV rating on nameplate, carton/crate label and shipping documents all agree.  If they do not stop and contact Hubbell Power Systems prior to installation.
  4. Locate and read all installation instructions included with the packaging.  If there are any questions now is the time to ask.
  5. Prior to starting installation verify that all hardware is included.Installing Arresters.jpg
  6. Assemble all hardware according to the included outline drawing.
  7. If there is a shipping restraint on the disconnector remove it before proceeding with installation.
  8. Testing is not required prior to installation.
  9. Tighten all fasteners to the values in the installation instructions.
  10. Do not overtighten any stainless steel fasteners.
  11. Ensure that there is no binding of any hardware and that all components are free to pivot as needed.


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