How to Avoid Putting Strain on Fiber Communications Lines

Posted by Chad Davis on Jul 22, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Flat Fiber Clamp BlogWhen securing a fiber line to a pole, building or at mid-span, installers must be careful not to cause undo stress or strain on that fiber line. If they do, it can cause a break in the line, which in turn would cause an outage/disruption in service. Fixing this would be very expensive and time consuming, not to mention a huge inconvenience for everyone involved (contractor, worker, the public and customer).  

Communications and electric distributors and installers servicing customers that install fiber communications cable in overhead service applications will appreciate one of the latest additions to the Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS) line of Communications Tools.

The stainless steel Flat Fiber Drop Clamp provides a factory assembled solution for strain relief deadend when securing fiber cable to pole, buildings or at mid-span on overhead communications drops. In addition to strain relief, installers also appreciate the black powder coated finish to help distinguish the clamp from similar clamps used for other types of cables. The clamp has been tested and approved for use on Corning SST flat drop, ROC drop, OFS flat drop, Superior Essex MDPE jacketed flat drop and CommScope flat drop fiber cable.

HPS has an extensive offering of Outside Plant Hardware for communications applications. With extensive lines of both underground and above grade enclosures, pole line hardware, fiber optic storage, grounding products, and tools, HPS is committed to supplying the communications industry with in-stock inventory ready to ship, a customer service team ready to help you – no matter where you are, and a storm response team who work around the clock to get the materials you need shipped when you need them.

When you need broad solutions in the communications industry, look to HPS for cost-efficient engineered products and people who make the difference.

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