Do you have Seismic Concerns?

Posted by Hubbell Power Systems on Nov 21, 2017 11:23:00 AM

Protecting your substation from natural disasters is critical. We recommend periodic inspections and dielectric testing of your power apparatus bushings to ensure that they are prepared in the event of a natural disaster. Routine testing allows you to extend the service life of your equipment while lessening the risk of equipment failure, lost revenue and costly repair or replacement. However, hiring a testing service can be costly and time consuming.

Therefore, we provide Seismically Enhanced Test (SET) Terminals, used for faster, safer and more cost effective field dielectric testing. The PCORE® SET-Terminal functions as an electrical switch permanently connected in series between the power bus and the equipment to be tested, eliminating the need to physically remove the power bus during testing. _DSC1608.jpg

After de-energizing the power bus, substation personnel only need to loosen a total of eight captive bolts on the SET-Terminal allowing the terminal’s two side blades to swing out into an open position. With the side blades open, the power bus is grounded and the equipment is isolated and ready to be tested. 

Currently available up to 5,000 amperes, SET-Terminals have a rated static cantilever strength of up to 2,500 ft-lbs and can absorb high shock loading in excess of 500g’s with the side blades in the open position. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduced equipment down time associated with substation testing.
  • Improved worker safety by reducing boom and bucket truck time by up to 60% for the typical maintenance interval.
  • Regular testing allows electric utilities to extend the service life of their equipment while lessening the risk of equipment failure, lost revenue and costly repair and/or replacement.

If your power apparatus bushing fails dielectric testing, we are prepared to keep your substation operating efficiently.  We have capabilities to offer high performance seismically approved replacement bushings and bushing repair services to help you get your transformer or circuit breaker back on-line and ready in the event of a natural disaster.



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