Bushing Repair vs. Replacement

There are 2 options for defective bushings: replace with new or repair existing. Typical bushing repairs include a regasket bushing or recore bushing.

There are two options for defective bushings: (1) Replace with new bushings or (2) Repair existing bushings. Repairing a defective bushing is often more appealing financially and timewise. Typical bushing repairs include a regasket bushing or recore bushing to the original. Regasket involves replacing the seal components and this is only done if there are no defects in the original core. This is a typical repair if the bushing received minor external damage. To recore a bushing involves replacing the original core when the bushing is at an advanced age or if there are defects in the original core.  

The advantages to bushing repair include:_DSC1582.jpg

  • ECONOMICAL. Many parts on the original bushing can be reused, resulting in savings of up to 55% when compared to the cost of a new bushing. Repair bushings also come complete with the same warranty terms as our new bushings.
  • EXACT. New bushings often require special modifications and adaptors in order to match needed dimensions. The repaired bushing already meets your specified dimensions.
  • FAST. Most times, a repaired bushing can be back in service weeks sooner than a new bushing could be delivered. Emergency re-gaskets are often completed in a week. 

We can repair your bushing, even if it's not manufactured by us. This will get your substation up and running quickly. The bushing will not be seismically certified after the repair but it will operate efficiently and have the same warranty as a new bushing. In order to have your bushing seismically certified, a utility will have to order a new bushing which requires 6-8 months manufacturing. Therefore, we propose if you have a bushing down, get it repaired so you can operate and then we'll order you a new seismically certified bushing to replace so you are covered in the event of a natural disaster.


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