A Guide to Installing Distribution Arresters

A guide to installing distribution arresters.

To install distribution arresters:

1. Follow the directions, recommended work practices and be safe.

2. Inspect the packaging and product, looking for signs of damage: packaging (left) and dented nameplate (right).

2014-07-15 12.18.14.jpg  Bent Name Plate-1.jpg

3. Verify kV rating on nameplate, carton/crate label and shipping documents all agree.  If they do not, stop and contact Hubbell Power Systems prior to installation. 

Label.png  NamePlate.png

4. All testing has already been completed by Hubbell, further testing is not required prior to installation. Contact your Customer Service Representative for routine test reports.

5. Locate and read all installation instructions included with the packaging.


6. If there are any questions now is the time to ask. If there is a protective cover on the stud, remove it before proceeding with installation. Hubbell is exempt from needing a DOT restraint.

7. Tighten all fasteners according to the recommended values in the installation instructions. It is important not to overtighten any stainless steel fasteners. See installation instructions for recommended tightening values. 


8. Keep the plastic retainer in place on the disconnector end of the arrester. This will prevent hardware from falling off during installation. 




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