Why You Should Repair Defective Bushings

Posted by Mike Kryman on May 6, 2020 8:30:00 AM
PCORE Bushing Repair Blog post

Repairing a bushing is less expensive than purchasing a new bushing and you are able to maintain all of the original dimensions.

A typical bushing repair is a regasket of the bushing or a recore and regasket of the bushing. When a bushing leaks; however, tests well, a regasket will be performed in which the sealing components are replaced. When a bushing tests poor, a recore and regasket will be performed. During the recore of a bushing the bushing core will be replaced with a new PCORE® POC type core. Repaired bushings ship with the same warranty as a new bushing.

PCORE Bushing Repair Blog post2

Additional Bushing Repairs:

  • Conversion of Westinghouse type B voltage taps to standard IEEE type A taps.
  • Replacing short soldered wire on McGraw Edison voltage taps with longer wire to prevent voltage tap disconnecting while in service.
  • Converting GSU type bushings to high temperature insulation.


Advantages of Bushing Repairs with Hubbell | PCORE® Electric:

  • Fast – Most times a repaired bushing can be back in service before a new bushing could be delivered.
  • Exact – Dimensions stay the same during bushing repair, so no modifications and / or adaptors are required during the bushing replacement process.
  • Economical – Reusing key components results in savings up to 55% compared to the cost of a new bushing.

PCORE® Electric, an affiliate of Hubbell Utility Solutions, has been repairing bushings since 1982 at their facility in LeRoy, NY. For more information about bushing repair, please contact us at bushings@hubbell.com.

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