4 Reasons to Field Test Helical Guy Anchors

Posted by Tim Staelens on May 13, 2020 11:00:00 AM

anchors blog - load test 1The reliability of our overhead power and communication lines is as important today as ever before. The integrity of overhead construction often relies on guy anchor systems that can be trusted when put to the test during high wind loading situations and when tree branches come into contact with the lines.  If an anchor pulls even the slightest amount, it causes the top of the pole to lean. This can cause improper line sag resulting in clearance issues.

Why Should I Test Anchors?

  1. To evaluate anchors that an Engineer has not used in the past.
  2. To determine effect of varied field construction practices.
  3. To determine the capacity of a given anchor or helical pile in various soil types.
  4. To evaluate several types and sizes of anchors or helical pile in the same type of soil to help determine the most economical option.

Proper anchor testing procedures will be covered in a future blog posting.

Training seminars held at the HPS Centralia Missouri facility demonstrate proper anchor and helical pile installations and testing procedures.  Click here for a complete list of training opportunities.   

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