When it Comes to Underground Enclosure Covers, Let Hubbell Do the Heavy Lifting!

From longevity to performance and ease of getting in and out of the enclosure. Hubbell offers lightweight SMC covers for the PenCell DT style enclosures.

smc underground enclosure covers

When talking with folks in the field, you often hear comments about how having the right tool can make all the difference. For underground enclosures, covers can make the difference. From longevity, to performance, to ease of getting in and out of the enclosure. Hubbell offers a variety of enclosures and cover options to fit many applications, including our new lightweight SMC enclosure covers for the PenCell DT style enclosures.

When determining your enclosure needs several factors come into play. These include the install location, state and local industry requirements, and how often the technicians need to access the enclosure. If an enclosure is set and done, only requiring access quarterly or yearly, then a Quazite polymer concrete cover is the perfect fit for this application.

SMC Enclosures Full Assembly DT243624C2H00 (ISO)

If technicians access an enclosure daily, weekly, or monthly, the new Hubbell SMC lightweight cover is a great choice. It offers an ANSI / SCTE 77 tier 15 to tier 22 industry rating and weighs just 29 to 84 lbs, depending on size. Perfect for use in applications such as a sidewalk, driveway, parking lot, or any off roadway setting.

Covers that are both strong and lightweight don’t have to be expensive. Our SMC covers for the PenCell underground enclosures fit the bill. They are composed of a sheet-molded compound for high strength. Custom logos are also available on the non-skid surface.

SMC covers offer you cost-effective new options for covering the most trusted brand of underground enclosures in the industry. Count on Hubbell to do the heavy lifting for you!

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