Use a Double Duty Underground Box for Safe and Simple Termination in 5G Buildout

Save time and money building out 5G infrastructure with our Quazite Divided Box Assemblies. Two independent compartments—one for telecom, one for electrical power.

A divided underground enclosure, such as our new Quazite divided box assembly, saves you time and money while building the 5G infrastructure. One box split into two independent compartments provides a side for telecom and a side for electric utility. Contractors and installers get one safe and simple end point enclosure.

Box Assemblies with Two Compartments for Safety

The new Quazite box assembly design includes a newly designed 1-inch-thick divider that extends below the foot of the box. The divider plate is held in place by nonconductive struts that span the depth of the box. These new design features help to prevent accidental ingress into the adjoining compartment.

The two-piece cover remains secure by using separate hardware to access each compartment. The telecom side is secured by captive stainless steel hex head bolts that work with a standard can wrench while the electrical utility side is secured with a captive Penta head bolt.

Additional features included on each side add extra value, saving you even more time and money. The electrical side includes a pre-installed five-position ground block. The communications side features our exclusive stray voltage detection test station.

Single, Simple Installation

Divided box assemblies that do double duty save money with a single installation but allow for safe, separate termination of fiber optics and electrical connections associated with 5G buildouts. Everything is in one spot, so there’s no need for two enclosures.

Be sure to use quality enclosures from a manufacturer you trust, like Hubbell Quazite. You can be sure of getting a durable Engineered to Order (ETO) polymer concrete box and cover that meets or exceeds ANSI/SCTE 77 test provisions for tier 15 or tier 22.

Find out more about Quazite divided box assemblies by reaching out to your local Hubbell territory manager or call our customer service at 800.346.3061.

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