Versa-Tech® II & XC Recloser Smart-Grid Integration

Posted by Lisa Jones on Oct 2, 2018 4:55:03 PM

In 2014, a new generation of the Versa-Tech® recloser was introduced. The Versa-Tech II recloser was built on its predecessor’s, the Versa-Tech I, foundation with a number of additional capabilities such as protection, monitoring, and logging features.

The Versa-Tech II also incorporates features for communication on the SCADA network through use of the Versa-Tech terminal unit. These features enable the Versa-Tech II to be integrated into a Smart-Grid Infrastructure.

Central Monitoring

The Versa-Tech terminal unit is the gateway that allows the Versa-Tech II to connect to a central monitoring and control system (SCADA). The VTU is a remote terminal unit which is mounted in a separately powered control cabinet and communicates wirelessly with up to three Versa-Tech reclosers. In order to maintain constant communication with the VTU, the internal radio of Versa-Tech II needs to be powered via a 10A or more load.

As long as the communication between the VTII and VTU is active, the VTU will poll data from the reclosers and translate the data into DNP3 protocol. The translated data is then sent through cellular, radio or fiber optic network to a SCADA master.  

SCADA Compatibility

In 2017, the Versa-Tech XC was added to the Versa-Tech single-phase recloser family. The VT-XC was developed on the VTII platform and has the same capabilities and features as the VTII. Accordingly, the VT-XC is also SCADA compatible with the use of the VTU but requires only 6A or more load to power its radio communications. This is because the VT-XC incorporates enhanced power harvesting capabilities which differs from the Versa-Tech II Recloser.

Due to the additional power harvesting capability, the Versa-Tech XC also supports a new communication platform, providing on-board SCADA communication (with 10A or more load current) through the Versa-Tech SCADA cellular modem (SCM). The SCM is a cellular radio that can be attached externally to the VT-XC serial port and programmed through the Versa-Tech Recloser User Interface.

The SCM gathers information from the VT-XC, translates the data into DNP3, and then sends that data over the cellular network to a SCADA master. The SCM is powered by the Versa-Tech XC and load current, thus eliminating the need for a separately powered control cabinet.

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