Understand Differences between Versa-Tech® I, II, LT and XC Reclosers

Posted by Lisa Jones on Oct 16, 2018 1:58:00 PM

Multiple variations of the Versa-Tech® recloser are available to fit any single-phase application on the system, outside substation or anywhere down the line. The same base design allows for easy adaptation for engineering and linemen.

It's critical to understand the technical differences between the models to know what will best fit your line. Available today are the Versa-Tech I, II, LT and XC.

Ratings and Specifications


  • Short range communication options include Digi/XBEE (900MHz), WiFi and Serial
  • SCADA communication via Versa-Tech Terminal Unit (applicable to VTI with SCADA Firmware 4.xx)
  • Radio is externally mounted


  • Short range communication options include WiFi (internal to recloser) and Serial
  • Long range and SCADA communication options via the Versa-Tech Terminal Unit (VTII & VT-XC) or via on-board SCADA Cellular Modem (VT-XC only)
  • Embedded hardware platform to support advanced features including cold load pickup, enabling/disabling HLT, NR from the UI programmer and GPS time stamping. 
  • Measurement/monitoring features include: demand metering, programmable event log, oscillography, programmable device log, and battery status monitoring. 
  • Advanced cyber security features including programmable user profiles and audit logs. 

Note: Digi/XBEE wireless communications are capable up to a 500 ft. range and WiFi communications are capable up to a 100 ft. range.


Monitoring, Recording & Logs

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