Finding Flexibility in Motor Operators

Posted by Scott Spear on Oct 22, 2018 8:47:00 AM

The FlexMO has the ability to operate switches from 15 kilovolts to 765 kilovolts with five different open and closed speeds to choose from, and even the ability for two-speed closing and opening, which can help reduce stress on the switch. The FlexMO has the option to use SCADA technology to open and close the switch remotely. Easily switch between local and remote modes on the control panel.FLEXMO

The overall setup time for the motor operator is greatly reduced.

  1. Start with the switch in the closed position and hit the close button.
  2. Open the switch using the included swing handle and hit the open button.
  3. Your switch is now ready to be operated.
  4. There is no cam adjustment necessary with the FlexMO.

Simplified Equipment Monitoring

Monitoring your motor operator has never been easier with the new display on the control panel. You can see if your switch is open or closed, if the motor is ready to be operated, and more, all with a quick glance at the display. In addition to easily opening and closing switches, we've added some other features to help eliminate issues in the field.

Automated Power Supply

There are battery charges in the enclosure that will activate automatically when power levels are low, as well as a backup power supply in the event of failure. There are also built in adjustable alarms for AC and DC voltages, a battery test feature, and an internal temperature monitor.

The FlexMO has many standard features including:

  • A built in, energy efficient LED light
  • An internally-mounted GFCI outlet
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • 12 auxiliary relays for pinpoint system coordination
  • A time delay option for switch opening and closing

The FlexMO motor operator can work with transmission, substation or distribution switches. If you want to use your FlexMO on a different switch in the future, you can change out the gears by removing the side panel. 


Topics: Switching & Fusing