Reporting a Power Outage

Posted by Todd Neville on Sep 4, 2018 1:42:00 PM

Technology advancements used by many utilities today makes reporting a power outage almost unnecessary. Smart meters and outage management systems are capable of virtually reporting your power outage for you.

Of course not all utilities currently use this technology, so calling to report an outage has not completely been eliminated. Below are outage reporting tips to help get your power on quicker.Power Outage

  1. Check and reset all your breakers before calling the power company.
  2. Ensure your address is highly visible from the road.
  3. Please give the utility good directions and watch for the utility truck.
  4. If you see what may have caused the outage, tell the utility representative when you call.
  5. Do not report your outage to a utility crew. Always call in to the utility so your outage can be properly recorded and a crew dispatched to your address. To restore power safely and efficiently, headquarters directs line crews as to which outage they need to go to next.
  6. Do not approach a moving or stopped bucket truck or other utility vehicle. The lineman may be focused on the power line and not see you approaching or the scene may be unsafe.
  7. Utility trucks are big heavy and hard to turn maneuver. If they have to drive on your property, please provide them with a clear path and notify the lineman of any buried water or sewage lines.
  8. Many times restoring power requires more than just closing a switch or resetting a breaker. Please give the utility representative or lineman time to complete the necessary work.

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