Protecting America’s Birds with Greenjacket

Posted by Darren Barnett on Aug 25, 2020 8:00:00 AM

The Lemon Creek substation is a key site for AEL&P in supplying backup power and electrical distribution to the city of Juneau. It is located near a landfill, a food source attractant to many species of avians. AEL&P had been proactively investigating and testing several avian protection options available in the marketplace. These efforts helped, but there was still a need for further improvement. Following a significant eagle-caused outage that was reported on by the media, the Hubbell Greenjacket Team reached out to AEL&P to offer assistance in solving these issues. 


Further evidence that the Lemon Creek substation was a high risk and problematic station was the statement from Joe Hacke, a 35-year lineman from Canada; “In all my years of attending substations for maintenance work, I have never witnessed such a large grouping (convocation) of bald eagles and ravens located near an in-service substation.  There is a garbage dump adjacent to the substation which is why they were there.  This station was definitely in need of some quality cover-up to reduce the station impacts according to the people I met on-site.”


Read more about this unique solution deployment and the effectiveness of the Hubbell Greenjacket solution by downloading the full article.

Topics: Wildlife Mitigation