Why Porcelain Technology Continues to Thrive

Posted by Michael Kryman on May 23, 2018 10:58:00 AM

Porcelain TechnologyPorcelain is a key component used in the construction of electrical components throughout the electrical grid, including high voltage bushings. It is non-hydroscopic and will not enable mold to develop in high humidity environments. In addition, porcelain a non-organic material so it will not deteriorate over the life of the product.


5 Benefits to Porcelain:

  1. Provides great mechanical strength
  2. Resists Ultra Violet (UV) rays
  3. Acts as an external insulator
  4. Delivers superior electrical characteristics
  5. Performs reliably in contaminated environments

PCORE® Electric, an affiliate of Hubbell Power Systems, Inc., manufactures two types of bushing technologies utilizing porcelain as the insulator which include Paper-Resin-Capacitor (PRC®) and Paper-Oil-Capacitor (POC®) type bushings. Due to the material's reliability, PCORE continues to use porcelain as an external insulating component in their bushings. 

Porcelain components used on PCORE bushings are sourced through PCORE Electric’s ISO 9001:2015 quality program. They have multiple approved suppliers from around the world to obtain quality porcelain in a timely manner. PCORE also maintains short, competitive bushing lead-times by storing key porcelain components in inventory.

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