How to Operate your Versa-Tech I & LT WiFi Remote

Posted by Hubbell Power Systems on Aug 1, 2018 10:41:00 AM


The Versa-Tech® I and Versa-Tech® LT reclosers use a 2.4GHz remote radio to communicate over WiFi. Utilizing this option, there is no need for a local radio. The module is compatible with Versa-Tech I recloser running firmware versions 3.xx or 4.xx and with Versa-Tech LT recloser running firmware version 5.xx. The WiFi radio attaches in the same location as the Digi/XBee and SiFLEX radios and has the capability of communicating up to 100 feet from the recloser.

Hardware Requirements

  • Versa-Tech I recloser with FW 3.xx or 4.xx
  • Versa-Tech LT recloser with FW 5.xx
  • Windows machine (7) or Apple iPad
  • WiFi Remote Radio
  • Battery pack of +12V

Software Requirements

  • Versa-Tech® programmer 2016.1: VT1 & VTLT v4.51.23
  • The Versa-Tech® I programmer 4.51.23 can be obtained by contacting your Hubbell Power Systems Representative or email
  • Versa-Tech® Single Phase Recloser Programmer iPad app v3.2 or higher, which is available for download from the Apple App Store under Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS).

Operation Steps to Connect the WiFi Remote Radio with a Personal ComputerVersa Tech Single Phase Recloser Components 300dpiCMYK

  1. If the WiFi Remote Radio is not attached to the serial port of the Versa-Tech® recloser, attach it with the provided mounting screws. If the recloser is installed on the line, make sure to bypass the unit. Refer to the Versa-Tech® single-phase recloser "Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual" for further information.
  2. Ensure that the +12V battery pack is inserted into the recloser unit firmly. If the recloser has a load current less than 10A, power cycle the red NR handle (pull handle down and push it back up) to power on the remote radio for 10 minutes. The red NR handle can also be pulled down and left in the down position to power on the WiFi radio for 60 minutes. If the load current is more than 10A the WiFi radio is always ON.
  3. Open the wireless networks on the PC. Select "Connect" under the wireless network. HPSVT1_XX or HPSVTLT_XX. ‘XX’ may represent the serial number, e.g., SN1234567, of the recloser or another network name, e.g., PhaseA-Recloser, previously programmed on that module.
  4. Enter the security key. The wireless network will then show as “Connected”. Contact your Hubbell Power Systems Representative if you do not know the security key.
  5. Launch the Versa-Tech® single phase programmer.
  6. Highlight the appropriate COM port in the COM port list. Select “Auto Connect”, if available (dark grey) and then skip to Step 9.
  7. If “Auto Connect” is not available (light grey), select "Identify Device".
  8. Once the WiFi Remote Radio is identified, the "Connect" button will be enabled (turns from light grey to dark grey). 
  9. Click the dark grey "Connect" button.
  10. A prompt will appear asking to sync the recloser clock to the PC. Selecting “Yes” will ensure that any time drift on the device is corrected. The "Status" box will then show "Completed" once communication has been established. The “COM” indicator will also turn green.
  11. The Versa-Tech® recloser can now be programmed. Refer to the Versa-Tech® single-phase recloser "Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual > Section 6 - Control Programming" for further detailed information on programming the recloser. 

You can also connect to a Versa-Tech I or LT with an Apple iPad, but the instructions are a little different. To obtain a copy of the full WiFi Remote Radio Instructions Manual, contact your Hubbell Power Systems Representative or email


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