Hubbell’s Commitment to a Sustainable Future and What it Means to our Customers

Hubbell's commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibility has been a vital part of our business model for years. Find out how we remain focused on reducing our impact on the planet and providing solutions that enable sustainability for our customers and beyond.

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Across our company, we remain focused on embedding sustainability into our overarching business strategy. We believe it is our responsibility to manage the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors we impact through our work, and simultaneously view sustainability as a meaningful driver for business resilience and growth. Ultimately, our sustainability efforts reflect our commitment to energizing and empowering the communities that support us.



Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It encompasses all of a company’s efforts to reduce its impact on the world around it, including creating good jobs and promoting gender equity, as well as pursuing climate action. ESG focuses on three dimensions of sustainability – environmental, social, and governance.

Hubbell ESG sustainability areas of focus

Hubbell's ESG Areas of Focus

Hubbell's approach to sustainability is aligned with our company’s mission and values and is embedded into our culture and systems.

To support our ongoing success and longevity and ensure we remain focused on the right priorities for our stakeholders, we focus our efforts on the following sustainability topics where we can make the biggest impact and add the greatest possible value to our customers and society. These topics inform our global sustainability commitments, strategies, and goals.

Hubbell Products with Impact

Since our founding over 130 years ago, Hubbell’s products have touched countless lives across the globe. Our electrical and utility solutions have enabled our customers and communities to operate energy infrastructure with greater reliability, efficiency, and safety.

Today, our products still offer those same benefits–and then some. As clean energy technologies advance, including renewable energy and electrification of vehicles, we have developed solutions to support those opportunities. You can find Hubbell’s products on the outside of your home or building where you work, among the components fastened to nearby utility poles and the grid, and even in the foundation of a windmill, solar panel, or charge station. Our solutions are impactful—offering sustainability benefits for our customers and society

Modernizing and Hardening the Grid

As power grids continue to age over time and weaken when faced with storms and natural disasters, our products help combat these effects. Our solutions replace, strengthen, and modernize energy infrastructure, making it more resilient, durable, reliable, and smarter. Hubbell Power Systems (HPS), for example, offers products that are essential to the overall health and functionality of the grid. HPS products help communities adapt to the impacts of a changing climate, including responding to and withstanding the increased frequency and severity of storms.

A failure in a critical T&D component can also lead to outages, creating additional maintenance and labor expense for the utility, as well as inconvenience and potential safety risks to homeowners or building operators. Our utility solutions can mitigate those outages and associated risks. Our grid monitoring tools, including our Aclara smart meters, can also help predict and respond to utility-related fire hazards that could lead to or result from wildfires.


Our products play a significant role in supporting business continuity in the event of a hurricane, wildfire, or other natural disaster. For example, our Reliaguard and GreenJacket contact prevention products and wildlife coatings mitigate the risk of fires caused by animals and prevent wildlife electrocutions, and our passive fire protection coatings can help protect utility infrastructure from wildfires should they occur.

Increasing Efficiency to Lower Environmental Impact

Hubbell’s products support connection and growth through increasingly smarter and more efficient infrastructure. For example, our Aclara smart meters and advanced metering infrastructure solutions can help utilities and buildings track their energy and water use and detect overages and potential methane leaks. The electric, water, and gas meters and water leak detection solutions thus enable users to identify opportunities to save energy, reduce water use, and lower emissions. Our smart meters’ ability to transmit energy and water use data wirelessly also eliminates the need for vehicular travel to read meters, ultimately avoiding emissions associated with such maintenance. Moreover, our energy efficient electrical solutions can reduce energy usage and total cost of ownership.

Building and Bolstering Renewable Energy

Hubbell Burndy Sustainable Products with ImpactAs solar and wind become increasingly important sources of energy generation, Hubbell is playing a notable role in providing products and services to support the growth of these industries. Our products, services, and solutions span renewable energy infrastructure from the ground up—including wind turbine and solar panel foundation components, wiring for panels, arrays, turbines, towers, and robust solutions that reinforce collector systems, substations, and transmission. Our electrical transmission components and solutions are also capable of servicing 90% of the product needs on a transmission tower that is fed by renewable energy. Moreover, we offer data-driven solutions to predict, plan, and respond to system conditions, such as increased renewable energy generation, across electric and gas distribution networks.

Learn More About Hubbell’s Sustainability Journey

Hubbell ESG Report Cover 2022

Read about other sustainability highlights in the areas of Community, Cybersecurity, Governance, Environment, Products, and Workforce in Hubbell’s 2022 Sustainability Report.


Contact your local Hubbell Representative or visit our Sustainability website and Sustainability & ESG Harvey Center of Discipline. Questions or ideas? Please reach out to


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