A Guide to Lead Times

A step-by-step guide to lead times for USCO switches. Reviews, design, approvals, and manufacturing all go into product lead times.

Angled view of a pair of USCO 115 kV 2000 A AGCH-5V switches.jpg

When it comes to USCO® switches, we have a rigorous process to provide a top quality product. Reviews, design, approvals and manufacturing all go into product lead times. 

Day 0

Receive Purchase Order from Customer; Customer Service enters into SAP system

Day 7

Engineering and Marketing Review Complete

  • Production planning (review buy/resell components)
  • Engineering select or create Part/Product number(s)
  • Request Structure Drawings if needed – 7 day turnaround requested

Day 10

Assigned to Designer

Day 31

Approval Drawings sent to Customer for Review/Approval

Day 45

Receive Final-Approved Drawings from Customer

Day 46

Final Changes

Day 49

Released to Production 

Day 77

Current Promised Ship Date

USCO Approval Process_Page_3.jpg

*Time is based on calendar days


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