4 Advantages of a Custom Bushings Cross-Reference Guide

Posted by Mike Kryman on Jun 3, 2020 2:00:00 PM

Pcore Bushings App Screenshot BlogNot sure what the proper bushing replacements are for your in-service bushings? Hubbell | PCORE® Electric can provide a custom cross-reference guide to help!

PCORE® Electric, an affiliate of Hubbell Utility Solutions, has an online cross-reference guide; however, we also provide custom cross-reference guides for customers.   A custom guide consists of a data file of bushings specific to the customer’s service territory in which we identify the equivalent PCORE®  bushing replacement.  The guide can also include current pricing and standard lead-times, bushing comparative analyses that compare your bushing to the replacement, electrically and dimensionally, along with bushing sales drawings.    

Advantages of a custom PCORE® bushing cross-reference guide include:

  1. We do all of the cross-reference work for you
  2. You will receive a bushing tool specific to your system
  3. The guide provides the convenience of allowing you to know the required bushing replacement ahead of time
  4. The guide can assist in selecting key replacement bushings to stock while reducing your bushing inventory by not having to stock various models. For example, one bushing catalog number can be used for multiple replacements.
Pcore Bushings Custom Cross-Ref Blog

How to get started?

Send a spreadsheet of in-service bushing manufacturers and catalog numbers that you would like cross-referenced to bushings@hubbell.com.

On average these guides can be completed within a month but please note that the time to complete a custom cross-reference varies based on the size and the backlog of existing cross-reference projects. 

Send your bushing list today and get to the top of the list!

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