Types of Insulated Jib Extensions for Live-Line Maintenance

This article explains the differences between common types of insulated jib extensions and the accessories they are compatible with for live-line utility work in a bucket truck.

insulated jib extensions

Every day, linemen across the world perform energized line maintenance using a variety of personal protective equipment to keep them safe from hazardous voltages. It has become more common for an insulated member to be installed in the material handler of a bucket truck as an aid in live-line maintenance. CHANCE® Epoxiglas™ Insulated Jib Extensions can be used to move energized phases out of the working area during line maintenance. This blog addresses the types and advantages of CHANCE Insulated Jib Extensions.

Types of Jib Extensions & Corresponding Applications

As shown, Insulated Jib Extensions are typically attached to or installed inside the existing material handler of a bucket truck. CHANCE offers fixed-length versions and versions with multiple holes that can be pinned at different locations along the Insulated Jib Extension.

Fixed Length  Jib Extension 3in. Round Epoxiglas

Fixed Length: a metal adapter on the bottom pins onto the end of the material handler. This example has the Larger Roller Wire Holder on top and the fixed-length version can be offered with, or without, a sheave on the bottom adapter. A common offering for this application is catalog number PST4003059. Multiple lengths are available upon request as well as bottom adapters to accommodate various material handlers.

Multi Hole  Jib Extension T4001525 3in. Round Epoxiglas

Multiple Pinning Holes: intended for use with material handlers that have an inner round sleeve. The inner sleeve supports the Insulated Jib Extension, allowing it to slide in and out and be pinned in different positions. A common reference for this style is catalog number T4001525.

Jib Extension Benefits & Accessories

The Insulated Jib Extension provides an additional layer of insulation when the bucket truck’s material handler is being used to pick up or lift an energized phase. In scenarios where the insulation of the truck boom could be compromised, or the bucket makes contact with the pole, crossarm, or a neutral putting the bucket at ground potential, the Insulated Jib Extension helps prevent electricity from finding a path to ground, and keeps the energized phase isolated.

Learn more about How Insulated Jib Extensions Mitigate Hotline Maintenance Hazards.

The Insulated Jib Extension, with multiple pinning holes, is designed with flexibility in mind. Various wireholders and sheaves can be attached to the top for picking up phases and lifting line equipment.

jib sheave truck

CHANCE offers sheave adapters that optimize the distance between the wireholder and sheave to maintain proper insulation distance, like the PSC4004300. The square sheave adapter, PSC4004301, is specifically designed to allow easy removal of the Insulated Jib Extension when not in use and leave the sheave in place.


In Summary, CHANCE Insulated Jib Extensions are ideal tools for keeping energized phases at a safe distance while performing live-line maintenance. CHANCE Insulated Jib Extensions are designed, manufactured, and tested to ASTM and IEC standards and should be treated and cared for in the same manner as a hot stick. Follow all applicable company work practices and procedures when using Insulated Jib Extensions on the job site. Please contact your local Hubbell Utility Solutions’ Territory Manager for help with questions, or to schedule training with a CHANCE tools expert on CHANCE Insulating Jib Extensions or a wide variety of other tools and applications.

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