CHANCE® Live-Line Tools: Wireholders, Sheaves, and Insulating Jibs

Discover valuable information on the safe use of wireholders, sheaves, and jib extensions.

Line crews rely on quality tools daily to perform their tasks safely and efficiently. Insulated jibs, wireholders, and sheaves are helpful tools that enable them to service overhead distribution lines. While performing energized line maintenance, line crews will sometimes use a jib rope passed through a wireholder to lift or hold a phase conductor, or other load if it is isolated and in a vertical lifting position. However, the practice of putting a jib rope inside the wireholder instead of using a sheave wheel carries risks and is not recommended.

Understanding Wireholders and Sheave Wheels

Wireholders are designed for use by line workers to support conductors when attached to either an insulated jib extension or temporary hotarm. Sheave wheels are designed with a much narrower channel for guiding and controlling ropes. Jib ropes require a sheave wheel to keep the rope and its load away from the conductor. Wireholder channels are wider, which increases the risk of the rope chaffing against an edge or binding up, causing the rope to fray and potentially break under load.

Importance of Insulated Jib Extensions

Using a rope with any wireholder or sheave at the end of an insulated jib negates the protections provided by that insulated jib. Winch lines are not insulating and must be treated as conductive. Any rope product with an open weave is prone to absorbing moisture and contaminants that can create a conductive path. If a winch line or bucket were to contact an energized phase and another energized phase or ground source, such as the pole or arm, a hazardous path would be formed. If using a sheave at the end of an insulated jib with a winch line or any other rope, always include an appropriate length link stick or Barry D.E.W. Line® insulating rope tool with the proper Working Load Limit.

Recommended CHANCE Products

CHANCE products like the PST4003059, PSC4004300, and PSC4004301 (shown below) will help keep adequate insulating distance between the conductor in the wireholder, and the rope in the sheave.     

CHANCE-1PSC4004300 and PSC4004301 are used with a T4001525 (or similar) jib extension and allow positioning based on the minimum approach distance (M.A.D.) limitations of the task. PST4003059 is a fixed length jib extension that incorporates a sheave assembly and a large wireholder in fixed positions.

Additional Products for Flexibility

The T4002529 and T4002530 (shown below) provide other options. Depending on the application, a single jib extension can be used to support energized conductors or raise a load without having to change out the tool each time. However, they should never support a conductor and lift another load at the same time. The operator should always remove winch ropes from these tools before using the wireholder to raise or support energized conductors. If using a sheave at the end of an insulated jib with a winch line or any other rope, always include an appropriate length link stick or Barry D.E.W. Line® insulating rope tool with the proper Working Load Limit. Do not use cover-up to insulate the winch line.

T4002529 T4002530

Safety Guidelines

When using these CHANCE products, always follow all applicable laws, rules, and safe work practices as set by your employer. These tools should only be used by competent individuals properly trained in their use. Do not exceed Working Load Limits.

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