Get High Performance with New PCORE® High-Voltage PRC® Bushings

At Hubbell PCORE®, we’re known for providing outstanding customer service, and now we provide our customers with even more options to fill their bushing needs with the new high-voltage oil-free PRC® bushings.

pcore hv oil-free prc bushings

New Hubbell PCORE high-voltage oil-free PRC® bushings expand our line of high performing bushings in a distinct way—this is our first bushing line to offer non-porcelain insulators. 

High quality porcelain alternative

We listened to your requests. We’ve incorporated options with new insulators made of high quality LSR silicone. The extra high creep silicone offers self-cleaning characteristics, due to the hydrophobic properties of the material. The bushing uses a high-quality insulator with an industry-proven accepted design profile. Learn more about it in our brochure.

Greater mechanical strength, lower operating temps

Our design encloses the resin-impregnated core in a high-strength fiberglass outer tube. This provides more mechanical strength than other designs which bond the polymer directly to the resin core. The tube protects the core, helping to prevent external mechanical impact from damage during handling or from vandalization. And in the unlikely event of a core failure, it helps to contain resin debris.

The new design also provides lower operating temperatures. Running cooler at IEEE standard operating conditions puts less thermal stress on the transformer and external connections.

High seismic performance

Of particular interest to our customers on the West Coast, all our bushings meet the highest IEEE standard 693-2018 for performance during seismic activity. This helps to ensure survivability of your equipment in the event of a natural disaster.

High voltage and oil-free

These new high-voltage bushings feature the same design principles and technology behind our successful low voltage oil-free PRC bushings. Ideal for use in contaminated environments, meeting the most stringent worldwide industry standards, ensuring reliability and superior performance.

  • 115kV through 138kV Voltage classes
  • Up to 2000A current ratings
  • High altitude performance, up to 10,000 feet
  • Extra high creepage for extra heavy contamination environment
  • Transformer-breaker interchangeable (TBI)
  • Per IEEE C57.19.00/01 standards
  • Mount at any angle

At PCORE, we’re known for providing outstanding customer service. Now we offer you even more options to fill your bushing needs.

Discover more about PCORE products and services. Visit our website, contact your local HUBBELL representative, or email customer service at

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