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Posted by Emily Herrington on Sep 11, 2018 10:29:34 AM

In order to better serve our customers, we now provide a quick ship program for our enclosure product line. This is a value-added service provided in an effort to respond to urgent needs. The shipments are processed out of our facilities in Lenoir City, Tennessee and Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

In development of the quick ship program, we selected key individuals to act as captains from each of these participating locations. These teams are responsible for manually handling your quick ship order so that they move quickly and efficiently throughout our system. Roles include:IMG_4926

  • Customer Service Captain
  • Scheduling Captain
  • Preparation Captain
  • Shipping Captain
  • Inventory Replenishment Captain

There are two primary categories of the quick ship program for enclosures: (1) Quick Ship Expedite Program, (2) Split Order Quick Ship Program.

Quick Ship Expedite

For only $100, you can submit your Quick Ship Expedite Order for in-stock, unassembled products before 2:00p.m. EST. If it’s eligible, it will ship within 24 hours.

The Quick Ship Program is valid on orders up to $2,500.

Split Order Quick Ship

The Split Order Quick Ship was developed in response to customer demand. Previously, on orders of $7,500 or more, you had to wait until all material was manufactured for the order to ship complete, regardless of what was in stock.

Now, when you place orders of $7,500 or more of product, we will ship what is available at the time of the P.O., for a $100 fee. We will send a second shipment when the balance of the order is manufactured, for a total of two shipments.

Hubbell will pay the freight on the largest shipment, and the customer will only be responsible for the freight on the smaller of the two shipments. The Split Order Quick Ship is a bit different from the Quick Ship Expedite because the orders still ship according to our normal routing schedule.


Quick Ship Expedited:

  • Valid on orders up to $2500
  • Unassembled products in stock for a $100 Fee
  • Customer pays the freight

Split Order Quick Ship:

  • Valid on orders of $7500 or more
  • Hubbell ships what is available
  • Ship balance when remaining items are complete
  • Total of two shipments for a $100 Fee
  • Hubbell pays freight on largest shipment
  • Customer pays freight on the smaller shipment

For more information on these programs please contact your Territory or Regional Sales Manager or contact Customer Service at 800-346-3062. 


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