Guy Deadends for High Tension Terminations

Hubbell Adjust-A-Grip® guy deadends offer the ease of installation and the performance that is critical for high tension terminations, associated with transmission towers and antenna structures.

Adjust a Grip

Guy deadends are the connection between guy wire and anchor in a down guy application and must be sufficiently strong to exceed the rated breaking strength of the strand. A one-half inch diameter guy strand rated for 26,900 pounds is considered the threshold from distribution to transmission guying that would require a high-tension guy.

Hubbell Adjust-A-Grip® guy deadends offer the ease of installation and the performance that is critical for high tension terminations associated with transmission towers and antenna structures.

Adjust-A-Grip deadends can be applied on guy strand as small as ½” dia. or as large as 1-1/2” dia. and are rated up to 142,900 lbs. Adjust-A-Grip deadends are offered for galvanized steel strand that meet the requirements of ASTM A-475 or aluminum coated strand per ASTM A-474 or B-416. 


Reliability and Performance of the Adjust-A-Grip Guy Deadends

  • Design – The dual gripping design that consist of a socket/wedge and helical formed wire grip, ensures that Hubbell Adjust-A-Grip deadends consistently exceed 100% of the rated breaking strength of the intended strand.
  • Functionality – Adjust-A-Grip deadends are offered in two designs; one with a non-adjustable U-bolt and one that offers 18” of adjustability that facilitates installation or re-tensioning at a later date.
  • Service Record – The reliability of the Adjust-A-Grip design has been successfully proven in the field for the past 50 years 


Ease of Installation for Remote Job Sites

Adjust A Grip COB

  • No Special Tools – Basic hand tools, normally just a crescent wrench, are all that is required to install the Adjust-A-Grip. This is in contrast to a crimp type deadend which requires heavy crimping equipment that must be transported to the often remote job site.
  • Self-Contained Kit - With Adjust-A-Grip deadends, all components can be shipped to the job site in a single package. There’s no purchasing of additional components, such as with an individual deadend and turnbuckle design.
  • Compact Design – The Adjust-A-Grip deadend is a compact design that allows the anchor end to be completely installed from the ground, without the need for a step assistance. 
  • Correlation to Guy Tension – With Adjust-A-Grip deadends, guy tension can be closely approximated by measuring the torque on the U-bolt load nuts. For accurate results, the U-bolt thread and nut must be lubricated with commercially available anti-seize compound. Torque to tension correlation charts are shown in the Adjust-A-Grip catalog.

For a short tutorial of how to install the Adjust-A-Grip Guy Deadends, watch the video below:

Product selection information is available in the Hubbell online catalog or sales flyer. Contact your Hubbell representative more information.

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