Eliminate Outage Risks at Deadends

Reliaguard’s new Hotstick deadend guard is easier to install and delivers superior wildlife protection for a critical element of your distribution system.

hotstick deadend guard

Preventing wildlife contact is a priority for utilities, since up to 20% of power outages are caused by wildlife contact incidents. Deadends, used extensively throughout power distribution systems, present particularly vulnerable contact points. Creating safe, simple, and effective wildlife guards for deadends protects the network.

A deadend is where an insulator attaches a conductor to a support structure which can be at or near ground potential. This proximity presents a risk of possible wildlife contact. Hubbell Reliaguard’s new deadend guard protects deadends yet installs easily with a Hotstick.

These new wildlife guards protect energized deadends and prevent wildlife-caused flashovers and power outages. The innovative design improves installation and performance.

Hotstick Installable Key Benefits

The key benefit of the new deadend guard’s design is that it can be installed on energized conductors using a lineman friendly Hotstick. No need to interrupt power to install these protective guards. This saves time and money while protecting the system.

Designed to Provide More

The guard fits a wide variety of deadend styles, including most common automatic and bolted deadend designs. Uniquely, it provides cable exits on both top and bottom to accommodate more deadend installations on systems up to 38kV. It accommodates conductors up to 1.5” and insulator skirts up to 3.8”.

The open underside provides easy visual inspection. Most animal contact is from above, so the unobstructed view does not add any risk. A patent-pending anti-rotation clamp holds the guard in place properly, ensuring the vertical orientation is maintained for maximum protection.

Wind retention once the guard is in place is also a critical feature to consider. The new Reliaguard product has been tested to remain installed in winds of 90+ mph. That’s 50% higher than the IEEE 1656 testing requirement.

Constructed of our proprietary Reliatanium material, the new guard achieves a V-0 flammability rating. This helps reduce wildfire risk from flashovers caused by lightning or switching surges.


Reliaguard’s new Hotstick deadend guard is easier to install and remains installed. It delivers superior wildlife protection for a critical element of your distribution system while saving money. See it on our website.

Find out more about our innovative new guard and the entire Hubbell portfolio of wildlife mitigation solutions by reaching out to your local Hubbell representative.


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