2022 International Lineman's Rodeo Wrap-up

Thanks to all of the lineworkers and their families who joined us at the 2022 International Lineman’s Rodeo!

2022 International Lineman's Rodeo Wrap-up

With the 2022 International Lineman’s Rodeo officially in the books, let me express gratitude on behalf of the CHANCE® Lineman Grade Tools™ team for all of those who participated in this great event and tradition. What a fabulous showing for our industry!

For CHANCE Tools, this Rodeo was all about finally having the opportunity to fully showcase to our fellow brothers and sisters in the Electrical Utility Industry the exciting new additions we’ve been working on for some time:

  • Ripley Tools – One of the newest additions to the Hubbell family, Ripley Tools is known for its expertise and innovation to the electrical utility industry with world-class cable preparation tools. These products are invaluable for tree wire, underground residential distribution, and many other operations involving jacketed cable.

  • Barry® D.E.W Line Insulating Rope Tools – We’ve been asked for ages about providing “hot rope” to this industry, and we’ve finally found a fantastic solution! This was our first opportunity to officially promote this incredible new product line to a broad audience. It was so exciting to finally get to put these great products in the hands of the men and women who will be using them in the field and see the reactions to something so new, so innovating, and so important!

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Congratulations to all the lineworkers who were selected to compete in this year’s event! Words alone can’t quite capture the excitement of the International Lineman’s Rodeo so our fantastic Videography Team helped us capture this wonderful event, check it out!

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