Distributors Hone Product Knowledge with Hands-on Training

Electric Distribution Training returns with an emphasis on interactive learning to give attendees first-hand experience with Hubbell products and their applications.

Distributor Partner Hands-on Training

Picture a classroom of 22 people, sitting at tables and taking notes as a product expert presents a PowerPoint for two hours. Now, picture the same people assembling a PDV arrester, installing it on a five-foot-tall distribution pole, and applying a Reliaguard® Multiport Guard. Which experience do you think the participant will value more?

_DSC9388-distributor-training-webHubbell Electric Distribution Training Returns

Hubbell’s Electric Distribution Training returned this fall after a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The new and improved training now provides an immersive, interactive experience that allows participants to learn about our products in a utility distribution environment.

Chad Bateman, Hubbell’s director of utility training, designed the new course to better meet distributors’ needs. "After reflecting on our past training classes and reading our participants’ survey comments, it was clear we were missing the mark in terms of what customers wanted. Using that insight, we improved the training by adding a hands-on component to better illustrate how our product groups fit within electric distribution systems, and the effect they can have on the grid as a whole," said Bateman.

The training is now a two-part process that begins with participants building foundational knowledge in our online learning program, Hubbell University. Once the online training is complete, the attendees then apply what they learned in the hands-on sessions at Hubbell.


Enhancing Distributors’ Education

During two weeks in October and November, more than 40 distributors came to our Aiken, South Carolina manufacturing facility for two and a half days of interactive education from Hubbell subject matter experts.

Each day of training included several hands-on activities with our product lines. Attendees installed equipment on utility poles, building the distribution system from the ground up. The sessions ranged from assisting with an anchor installation to assembling an arrester. The participants gained first-hand experience with Hubbell products and their applications, including during construction, maintenance, and repair.


“This distributor-focused workshop is top-tier. In my 26-year career, I have never seen a vendor partner put as much effort into the success of a partnership or experience like this. Whether you are brand new to the industry or an old pro, there is something to be learned by attending,” said Jared Beer, Border States’ Electric branch manager.

Setting the Stage for 2023

The mixture of the stimulating learning environment coupled with the fellowship between Hubbell and the participants made the recent training a success. As we prepare for 2023, we look forward to providing more positive learning experiences for our partners and customers by offering additional opportunities for the Electric Distribution Training program.

As part of our ongoing training efforts, we also invite partners and customers to explore our wide selection of on-demand and live technical training. Led by product experts, Hubbell University’s training courses enhance learners' understanding of the electric power systems critical to building, maintaining, and modernizing the grid. Sign up for Hubbell University and browse our extensive training course selection today!



Check out more of the hands-on training from the 2022 Hubbell Electric Distribution Training!

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