What are Continuous Flight Auger Piles Costing You?

Posted by Gary L. Seider, PE on Apr 4, 2018 3:46:00 PM

Construction crews and installers face a significant investment financially and time-wise when working with Continuous Flight Auger piles. For installation alone, the process is tenfold.

CHANCE® Drivecast™ Screw Displacement Piles

  1. Large equipment needed to install CFA piles
  2. Power lines de-energized and lowered
  3. Trees trimmed or removed
  4. Holes drilled
  5. Spoils and overflow grout removed
  6. Spoils and overflow grout carted away
  7. 50' rebar cages overhead
  8. Restoration of overhead constraints, trees, powerlines
  9. Demobilization of large equipment

How could we develop a solution that would be more conducive for the construction site and schedule? The pile would need to be modular to limit the height of install. It would need to meet the section modulus requirements of NYC DDC and be able to be installed with typical equipment. Furthermore, it would need to exceed the necessary capacity requirements and provide consistent, reliable results. 

Designed for projects where increasing capacity and predictable results is a must, the CHANCE® Drivecast™ screw displacement pile is fully grouted, resisting corrosion in aggressive soils and high water tables.

As a proven engineered solution, bearing and side resistance is combined to bring a large diameter solution to a wide variety of applications for new construction, heavy highway, tanks/sewer, pipelines and commercial/industrial buildings. It is ideal for limited access sites or areas with low overhead clearance. This sectional pile provides added capacity while achieving efficient, predictable results. 


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