4 Benefits of Deep Foundation Training for Contractors and Installers

Contractors benefit from foundation installation training. Become a Certified Installer in CHANCE helical piles or ATLAS resistance piers.


Any contractor can tell you that a structure is only strong as its foundation. Deep foundations transmit the structure’s load to soils that are deeper in the ground. A deep foundation is used when a shallow foundation is not possible, not practical, or will not carry the load, such as in weak, unstable, or expansive surface soils. Proper site preparation and installation is key to the success of any job – starting with the foundation.

For decades, contractors have relied on CHANCE University for comprehensive deep foundation training with helical piles and resistance piers. Here are 4 benefits to having your team CHANCE Certified:

  1. Gain the support of a network of foundation experts. Your local team of foundation experts have a wealth of experience in deep foundation products, installation, engineering, equipment, troubleshooting, and local soil conditions. When you choose CHANCE piles and ATLAS piers, you gain a local team who is committed to your success. Additionally, you and your local distributor are backed by the CHANCE team, pioneers of the deep foundation industry, with product, engineering, and marketing support.

  2. Consistent, relevant training. CHANCE University curriculum has been developed and improved over decades, taking into account the latest developments in deep foundations and practical training to ensure that teams can be successful in the field.

  3. Grow your business beyond underpinning. Applications for helical piles are far reaching. With knowledge gained through Certification, you can grow your business beyond traditional underpinning and utilize helical piles for new construction, commercial lighting, oil and gas applications, marine tiebacks, cell towers, solar and wind power foundations, signage, boardwalks, and much more.

  4. Offer your customers a peace-of-mind warranty. CHANCE Certified Installers have the exclusive advantage of offering customers a 30-year product warranty. If the owner moves, their warranty – and peace-of-mind – can be transferred to the new owner.


Designed for contractors and installers, the CHANCE University coursework allows each student 24/7 access to online courses including relevant topics such as:

  • Installation best practices
  • Equipment
  • Brackets and caps
  • Soil
  • Safety
  • Site inspection and evaluation
  • Product ratings
  • Job site troubleshooting

Students may enroll in courses that cover in depth, CHANCE helical piles, ATLAS resistance piers or both for dual certification. Online courses are supplemented by field training with a local distributor, allowing students to see the products and equipment in action and ask questions. When all coursework, both in person and online, is successfully completed, a student gains the status of Certified Installer and has complete access to the benefits listed above.

It’s easy to grow your business through CHANCE University’s Certification program. To get started click here and fill out the form.

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