Reimagining the Possible - National Engineers Week 2022

Engineers Week, or E-Week, is a week-long celebration of how engineers make a difference in our world and an effort to raise awareness of the engineering profession. Get to know a few of Hubbell's engineers by checking out some candid moments of them at work.

engineers week

Hubbell celebrates Engineers Week during February 20-26. It’s a wonderful time to recognize the vital work performed by engineers, the ideas they bring to life, and the difference they make in our world. Founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) in 1951, Engineers Week is devoted to “ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers.” This year’s theme, Reimagining the Possible, recognizes how engineers create new possibilities from green buildings to fuel-efficient cars to life-saving vaccines.

Recognizing the Importance of STEM

It’s also time to emphasize the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). And this month is a chance to focus particularly on the ‘E’—engineering. The integration of these subjects in schools, early and at all levels, and in ways that connect the disciplines and relate them to one another. STEM teaches creativity and critical thinking and can instill a passion for innovation.=

Historical Trivia

A little trivia. Did you know that National Engineers Week was started in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers and coincides with US President George Washington's birthday on February 22? President Washington is considered by many as the nation's first engineer, notably for his survey work.

Hubbell Engineers Deliver Value

It’s no surprise that many engineers work at Hubbell and at companies of the customers we serve. The month is also a nod to the important role that Hubbell engineers play in innovation, design, production, manufacturing – all creating value to delivering transmission, distribution, substation, OEM, and telecommunications products used by our utility customers every day. We at Hubbell recognize the importance of work performed by power engineers, the men and women, who build, maintain, and develop our electric water, and gas infrastructure.

Here’s a few candid moments of our teams at work:

Bob McFetridge

Robert (Bob) McFetridge, Beckwith Electric’s Director of Sales

Bob has the audience's attention at the 2021 Beckwith Protection & Control Seminar Electric as he presents VVO and CVR using Transformer, Regulator, and Capacitor Controls.



Chance Engineer Field Testing

Hubbell Engineers confirm the calculated capacities with a tension field test on a helical screw anchor.


Todd Neville and Oscar Dominguez

Todd Neville, HPS Product Specialist and Oscar Dominguez, HPS Applications Engineer

Todd Neville and Oscar Dominguez lead training of a co-branded termination line with the Hubbell/Burndy Sales Team.


Sean Luong

Sean Luong, Senior Product Engineer, Beckwith Electric

Sean Luong supervises customer installation, testing, and commissioning for the M-2001D Digital Tapchanger Control.


Now we'd love to see posts of you at work, and any participation in STEM programs at your local schools. Let’s continue this conversation and all the good work you do!

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