Tilt-Up Concrete Panels: Save with CHANCE temporary supports

Since helical anchors support loads in both tension and compression applications, they are perfect for tilt-up walls, which are subject to wind load trying to push or pull the wall.


Office buildings, warehouses, and other large buildings are on a fast-paced construction schedule, and prefabricated perimeter walls increase efficiency and save time at the job site. By using tilt-up panel construction, the contractor has the advantage of being able to complete site preparation and footings while the wall panels are being made.

When the footings are prepared, the concrete panels are set with a crane and held in place by temporary pipe supports (struts). One end of the strut is tied to the panel and the other end needs to be supported at the ground, as shown in the photo above.

Contractors have a choice for how to temporarily secure this support system until the roof is in place, tying the structure together.

tilt up panel helical piles 3

Many contractors use massive temporary concrete blocks as dead weight to temporarily hold the wall in place. These concrete blocks are intrusive and expensive to purchase and haul to each project site.

Another method for supporting tilt-up walls is by bolting the support strut directly to a concrete subfloor. However, interior struts can interfere with other work, and doing the ground prep to pour a slab before the roof is in place increases the risk of delays due to weather.

However, there’s a better way to anchor the pipe bracing…. CHANCE Helical Anchors.

CHANCE® helical anchors are an ideal, reusable alternative to wasteful and bulky concrete deadmen or inefficient subfloor bracing for tilt-up wall construction.

Helical anchors are installed by being screwed into the ground by any common construction equipment that can utilize a torque motor and Kelly bar. Engineers determine the type of anchor and installation depth required to support the weight of the panel in tension and compression. Temporary helical anchors are installed to the required capacity, which is easily validated during installation by monitoring installation torque.

tilt up panel helical piles 4

Save Space + Save Time + Save the Planet = Save money

Since helical anchors support loads in both tension and compression applications, they are perfect for tilt-up walls which are subject to wind load trying to move the wall both toward and away from the helical anchor anchored into the ground. Each panel typically uses 1-2 helical anchors, commonly a CHANCE square shaft helical anchor. A 7-foot-long SS5 square shaft helical anchor, weighs only 77 pounds, but can support a load of up to 50,000 pounds, depending on soil conditions.

CHANCE helical anchors are the fastest installed ground support on the market that will support the loads required to hold up a tilt-up concrete panel. Hundreds of helical anchors can be installed in a day allowing more panels to be set compared to concrete options. Installation isn’t dependent on weather either – they can be installed in rain or snow and can be immediately loaded.

A key advantage of this system is that the helical anchor can be quickly installed, removed, and transported to the next project, where it can be used again. Unlike concrete, helical anchors are easy to store and move. Made from recycled steel – and reusable and recyclable – helical anchors are a sustainable, responsible way to avoid creating spoils and pollution associated with concrete.

How to use helical anchors to support a tilt up wall

tilt up panel helical piles 2

A helical anchor is installed at an angle, typically 45 degrees, using standard hydraulic equipment. A bracket is attached to the top of the helical anchor shaft as a termination with the support strut attached. The panel is then tipped up with the bottom setting on the wall footing. The wall is plumbed, and the strut is attached to the wall and helical anchor. Once the structure’s roof frame is in place, the anchor and the pipe support can be removed and stored for use at the next job site. Helical anchors come out as quickly as they go in, ready for the next project. One investment with multiple uses.

If you want to save [space, time, money, the earth] invest in CHANCE helical anchors for your next project. Contact your local distributor for a quote.Find your local distributor

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