Foundation Solutions for Environmentally Sensitive Areas

In this case study, CHANCE Distributor works with the US Forestry Department at Land Between the Lakes to construct a trail foundation solution.

boardwalk 1A key benefit of helical piles is the ability to install them in environmentally sensitive areas. CHANCE helical piles are precisely engineered to create minimal disturbance to the soil itself during installation with the pitch and placement of the helices precisely calculated. Helical piles can also be installed using limited access installation equipment eliminating the need for damaging access roads and large equipment required for other foundation types.

One such project whose design required as little disturbance to the terrain as possible was along a nature walkway in Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in western Kentucky. In this case study, CHANCE Distributor Intech Anchoring Systems engaged with the US Forestry department and assisted in the design of the project material.

boardwalk 2

The project scope was to install approximately 1,000 feet of boardwalk along a scenic trail. The soils were mostly silty along the lake bottoms and the type of installation method was chosen in order to avoid as much disruption to the natural area as possible.

Helical piles are installed in such a way that they eliminate the removal of the on-site soils and do not require the addition of grout to achieve required capacity. In this way, environmentally sensitive areas can have foundation support without changing the existing conditions.

boardwalk 4

A total of (322) RS2875.203 Helical Piles and CHANCE Walkway Brackets were installed by CHANCE Certified Installers. These materials were sized to provide the most cost-effective support solution with a relatively easy installation method for the boardwalk.



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