Building Code Evaluation Reports – Why They Are Important

The ICC Evaluation Service report ESR-2794 demonstrates that Chance systems have been evaluated by a third party to ensure products meet building code requirements.


Since the mid 1990’s, Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. has held an ICC-ES Evaluation Report for several helical pile foundation systems. The purpose of an ICC-ES Evaluation Report is to confirm that several Chance® brand helical pile foundations systems comply with or are suitable alternatives to deep foundation systems described in the International Building Code (IBC), and the International Residential Code (IRC). ESR-2794 Evaluation Report provides the allowable loads and deformation capacities of helical pile systems and devices used to resist axial compression, axial tension or lateral loads. The Report also includes supplements for compliance with the City of Los Angeles and the City of Chicago Building Codes. Evaluation Reports are important because they provide the information needed by building officials all over the country to ensure any new construction or foundation repair work with helical piles within their jurisdictions is in compliance with the latest building codes.

Building Code Approved Products

Chance helical pile systems have been independently evaluated by a third party administrator to ensure that they meet building code requirements. With more ICC-ES certification reports than any other helical pile brand, you can design confidently with Chance products. ESR-2794 includes helical pile lead sections and extensions in the following size categories:

  • SS5 – 1.5-inch square shaft helical piles
  • SS175 – 1.75-inch square shaft helical piles
  • RS2875.203 – 2.875-inch pipe shaft helical piles
  • RS2875.276 – 2.875-inch pipe shaft helical piles
  • RS3500.300 – 3.5-inch pipe shaft helical piles
  • RS4500.337 – 4.5-inch pipe shaft helical piles
  • SS175/RS3500.300 - Combo piles (square shaft lead + pipe extension with transition coupling)

Additionally, the report includes evaluations of new construction pile caps, remedial repair brackets, and T-pipes.


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A guide to the ESR Report

ESR-2794-SealThe ESR Report is broken down by system components, such as lead sections and extensions, foundation repair brackets, and new construction pile caps. Detailed descriptions of each component and material specifications are provided in Section 3.0 of the report. Section 4.0 covers design and installation requirements that need to be submitted to the code official for each project. Both the geotechnical capacity and the allowable structural strength of the helical pile products are covered in detail. An engineer responsible for the design submittal can use Section 4.0 to design the helical piles based on the structural requirements for each project.

The key is the submittal must determine the limit state that controls the helical pile capacity – either the geotechnical or structural limits.

Section 4.0 also covers the installation requirements for helical piles, including equipment requirements, rate of installation, torque correlation, minimum depth, and bracket mounting details. As a deep foundation element, helical piles are subject to special inspection per IBC, which is intended to ensure the helical pile installation is in compliance with industry and the manufacturer's requirements. Special inspection is not required for light frame residential structures under the provisions of the IRC.

Section 5.0 details the conditions of use necessary for code compliance. The conditions of use include such items as limitations of use in seismic areas, minimum helical pile spacing, exposure conditions due to corrosion, lateral bracing requirements, and proof of manufacturing facilities.

ESR-2794 includes several tables at the back of the Report that provide the nominal, LRFD design and ASD allowable structural strengths of all the evaluated products – including leads, extensions, repair brackets, new construction caps, and Combo Pile cast transitions. These strengths are the same as those included in Section 7 of the Chance® Technical Design Manual – 5th Edition.

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In summary, ESR-2794 building code Evaluation Report is a comprehensive review of seven Chance helical pile foundation systems which includes all the information needed for the design submittal to the building official to show compliance with the latest building codes for any building project in the United States.

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