Frost & Sullivan Award Identifies How the AclaraONE Platform Excels

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Aclara, a Hubbell Power Systems brand, with a North American New Product Innovation Award for its AclaraONE SaaS platform.

Distribution utilities can utilize a wide range of software products to help them use data to maintain efficient operations. There are software solutions for billing, for analytics, for outage management, for data management, and for engaging consumers, among others. Many of these solutions work well, but few of them work together.

Frost & Sullivan (F&S) believes the utility industry needs a single, unified solution to track network health and performance. The ideal solution, according to F&S, would help electric, gas, and water utility operators streamline monitoring of the entire network – from the meters through to the overall network and on to the distribution line. In addition, such a solution would allow utilities to provide visibility to consumers into their usage patterns. A single solution also reduces maintenance downtime by enabling faster identification of faults, leaks, pressure problems and other problems on distribution networks.

The research firm recently recognized Aclara one of Hubbell Power Systems’ family of brands, with a 2019 North American New Product Innovation Award for its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, AclaraONE® (One Network for Everyone). AclaraONE delivers the broad set of functionalities multiservice utilities require to monitor, optimize and improve the operation of their infrastructures under a single platform.


Learn why F&S honored AclaraONE.  Download the full report.


“Significantly, AclaraONE unifies analytics and monitoring capabilities for each of a multi-service utility’s distribution segments on a single platform. It is highly flexible, with features like multitenancy, high adaptability and scalability,” said Nikhil Vinay, Research Analyst.

“AclaraONE not only works with all Aclara network products but also integrates with third-party software solutions, making it simpler for existing customers to add value to their systems. By serving as a one-stop solution for electric, gas and water utilities, AclaraONE clearly stands out from the competition,” added Vinay.

F&S cites AclaraONE capabilities in six areas:

Distribution Operations – Leverages data from Aclara advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) networks to provide visibility to devices on electric, gas and water distribution networks including capacitor banks, pressure sensors, leak detection devices, reclosers, voltage regulators, customer meters, and many more.

Sensors and Analytics – Provides real-time insights into electric, gas, and water resource distribution networks, alerting utilities to events that affect operations and allowing quick response to potential problems before they turn into expensive failures.

Consumer Engagement – Offers utilities data-driven tools and an omni-channel experience with personalized and actionable solutions that heighten energy-cost awareness, promote energy and water efficiency, boost utility program enrollment, and increase customer satisfaction scores.

Network Management – Engages effectively and securely with business systems for billing, customer service, outage management, load management, and distribution engineering via a comprehensive suite of interoperable, industry-standard integration adaptors, as well as standard and customizable file-based options.

Meter-to-Cash – Delivers meter-to-cash operations securely and accurately while providing proactive, actionable analytics for networks ranging in size from a few hundred meters to millions through a comprehensive set of industry-standard interfaces that connect securely to utility back-office and distribution operations.

Installation Services – Handles enterprise planning, workforce and asset management, work to manage every phase of AMI deployment.

Each year, F&S presents its North American New Product Innovation Award to the company that best exemplifies leadership in development of an innovative product solution that leverages leading-edge technologies.

For more on why F&S selected AclaraONE for this award, download the full report.


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