Part 2: 2022 Interior Design Trends Featured in Curated Collection Guide

Learn about top interior design trends for 2022 and how to curate your personal interior design style with Progress Lighting’s new Curated Collection Guide in the second of two blog posts.

2022 Interior Design Trends Featured in Curated Collection Guide

Finding your interior design style isn't always easy. Even if you know what you like, how do you design a space in a cohesive way that makes a trend statement? Our Curated Collection Guide is here to help! Not only do we describe the top interior design trends (with lighting curated to match), but we also enlisted the advice of some top interior designers and influencers to create mood boards to communicate each style visually.

Trend: Modern

Moodboard_Modern_WEBDesigner: Kyndra Outlaw, Atmospheric Home Staging, Dallas, TX

"Modern design is simplistic, a clean palette, sleek, and pure," points out Kendra. "Often in modern design, you will see clean lines, natural woods, geometric patterns, shiny metals, smooth surfaces, and a few curves. The style incorporates minimal elements that are innovative and natural yet clean."

Kendra uses light fixtures as a style reinforcement in design. "Fixtures offer a nod to complete the overall design style of the room to be artful, add personality, and make a statement with lighting in the space."

Trend: Transitional

Moodboard_Transitional_WEBDesigner: Kristen Rockwood, Studio 7 Interior Design, Salt Lake City, UT

"Interior designers often use the term transitional design to reflect a room's meshing of modern and traditional elements — essentially, combining two styles in one space, resulting in a cohesive design," said Kristen. "I was trained in the design field on the east coast where traditional design was very popular in keeping the integrity of the 100+-year-old homes. Blending that love and training with a contemporary flair is where my heart is at in designing my spaces."

When designing spaces, Kristen starts by selecting rugs and lighting. "Lighting is such an important part of the design process. I love the lighting to act as a focal point or as an art piece in the spaces, creating function, flow and marrying the room design elements together. Using lighting to decide the metal finishes in a room and pulling a color scheme from a rug is the easiest way to get a design plan going."  

Trend: Modern Farmhouse

Moodboard_Modern-Farmhouse_WEBDesigners: Doris Pearlman and Meryem Pierce, Possibilities For Design, Denver, CO

"Modern farmhouse design has received overwhelming acceptance in all consumer segments," says Doris. "It exemplifies and brings to life "Hygge" a Scandinavian design trend that blends texture, fabrics, and surfaces with upbeat clean-lined furniture and furnishing."

Here is their take on lighting in a design scheme: "Lighting is a key player in creating the character of a space. We look for every opportunity to feature lighting in both expected and unexpected ways. Large-scale lighting creates impact, and multiple fixtures create scale and drama."

Trend: Cottage Core

Moodboard_Cottagecore_WEBDesigner: Melissa Olson, Cottage + Key Homes, Austin, TX

"Cottage core is near and dear to our heart, for it is a design style we incorporate in many of our new builds in the Austin, Texas area," said Melissa. "It is a great mixture of modern farmhouse and antique collective. Our design studio loves incorporating pieces that are old and new to curate that classic, transitional design."

As for lighting, Melissa says: "When choosing lighting, we want to make sure it is highlighting and balancing all the design elements. Our rule is to start with the bigger, statement pieces and then work your way down to the smaller, detailed pieces."

Get your copy of the Curated Collection Guide and explore more design trends in Part One of our blog series on curating your personal style.


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