Explore Interior Design Trends with Our Curated Collection Guide

Learn about top interior design trends for 2022 and how to curate your personal interior design style with Progress Lighting’s new Curated Collection Guide.

When decorating your home, you may know what you love when you see it but have a hard time describing your interior design style. That's where our new Curated Collection Guide comes in. Not only have we gathered information about top interior design trends and how to curate lighting fixtures within each trend, but we also partnered with designers and influencers across the country to create mood boards that visually communicate what makes up a trend.

Here's how some of our favorite partners describe top interior design trends for today's homes.

Trend: Luxe Industrial

Moodboard_Luxe-Industrial_WEBDesigner: Jayme Fridley, Fridley Custom Homes, Salem, OR

"I am always a fan of any style that uses raw, organic materials to make a room feel moody, down to earth and collected over time," says Jayme. "The Luxe Industrial style often mixes concrete, iron, wood and moody color; the type of things you'd find in a cool historic factory. We make it luxe by using minimalist fixtures and elevated metals. The juxtaposed styles are what dreams are made of."

When designing a space, Jayme suggests: "Function, feel and form should all be considered when selecting each item in a room. Matchy-matchy doesn't feel personal. Mix metals, materials and textures to give your room an intentionally collected look. And when choosing lighting, keep it large. It is there to make a statement, so make it an important one."

Trend: New Traditional

Moodboard_New-Traditional_WEBDesigner: Amie Freling Brown, Meme Hill Studio, Rochester, NY

"As a designer who can appreciate just about every style, I am always drawn back to a traditionally designed space," Amie says. "Clean lines that pay attention to details and classic silhouettes with modern, up-to-date twists keep things fresh and timeless. Go classic and stick to a solid color over a busy pattern when purchasing core furniture pieces. This will ensure your staple investment will be a bit more timeless. Next, add bold patterns in accent pillows, carpets, artwork, and accessories. Then when your style changes, the transition is easier on the wallet."

When incorporating lighting into her room designs, Amie advises: "Lighting is the jewelry of the home. Lighting adds ambiance, function and beauty all rolled into one. I am big on proportions, placements and having a cohesive look through a home. I am an advocate of mixing metals: I try to thread a common finish and theme throughout a home/space. I gravitate to the mixed metal fixtures and pendants that expand my choices and add even more visual interest."

Trend: Coastal

Moodboard_Coastal_WEBDesigner: Melissa Olson, Cottage + Key Homes, Austin, TX

Sun-soaked colors and natural materials and the liberal use of white epitomize the new coastal aesthetic: it's far from the traditional, nautical styling of the past. "I absolutely love the soft warmth and textures of the Costal trend," says Melissa. "The color pallet is neutral, light and airy. I like adding a little pattern to these spaces to give it life."

Some advice Melissa shares with her clients is to start with one piece you really love and build your ideas around it. "Details matter! Taking the time to explore every possibility a space can take on fully is ideal. And always pick the large lighting fixtures first in any room."


The 2022 Curated Collection Guide is hot off the press! 



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