Lighting Design Tips to Stylize Entryways

Adding curb appeal to your home is easy with outdoor lighting design tips and fixture ideas from Progress Lighting.

Lighting Design Tips to Stylize Entryways

Welcoming guests and adding curb appeal is easy with a few simple design tips that make your front entrance a showstopper. A fresh coat of paint, some trendy décor accessories, and of course, lighting that makes a statement will create an inviting front entrance that makes passers-by say, “Wow!”

Upgrade Your Existing Entryway Lighting

GIBBES STREET Outdoor lighting

Featuring Gibbes Street

The right lighting makes a big difference, and today there are more choices than ever. Oversized lights are hitting it big in the design world. This can be a pair of wall lanterns on either side of the door, or a large ceiling light – or use both for extra impact.

HOOK POND Point Dume lightingFor example, the large lantern from the Hook Pond Collection by designer Jeffrey Alan Marks is generously sized at 22-3/8 inches high by 8 ½ inches wide. It features a steeply pitched, barn-inspired roof crowned with a distinctive loop finial. A clean, modern frame holds glass panels printed with a unique silver mesh pattern reminiscent of a traditional screened-in porch.

Brenham Outdoor lighting

Think big when it comes to hanging lanterns, too. Sized at 21 inches high, the Brenham Collection Pendant offers an authentic farmhouse feel with its mixed-elements design. Hand-painted weathered gray faux wood accent rings bookend the top and bottom of the light fixture. A black metal frame with ribbon-like metal arms reaches down from a central metal link chain. The frame holds clear seeded glass shades in place that add extra visual character.

Pembroke Gazebo outdoor lights
Another new and unique trend is hanging pendants made especially for outdoor use. Imagine your guest’s comments when they see a pendant like Pembroke installed on a front porch or outdoor living area. Its densely woven, weather-resistant handcrafted mocha rattan shade shelter a trio of seeded glass columns that top the gracefully curved arms of the chandelier frame. Together, the rattan and seeded glass shades combine to cast softly diffused light onto surfaces below, creating a warm and inviting glow.

Replace Your Light Bulbs

Another quick and easy but dramatic change to highlight an entrance is to swap typical lightbulbs with vintage style or modern round bulbs. Get them in clear glass to truly elevate the look while casting bright, safe illumination, and select LED bulbs to increase energy efficiency.

Properly Hang the Light

It’s important to hang fixtures at the right height for maximum impact. Here are some basic guidelines for sizing and installing entrance lights:

Place wall sconces or lanterns at eye level, about 66 inches from the floor to the fixture’s center and six to twelve inches from the door casing.

Fixtures placed over the doorway should be sized at 1/4 or 1/3 the width of the door frame and centered six inches above the door.

Hanging lights (such as pendants and lanterns) should be sized at 1/5 the height of the door and centered six inches above the door.

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