Make a Great First Impression with Foyer Lighting

Progress Lighting has tips for selecting, sizing and hanging heights for foyer lights that make a great first impression.

Foyer Lighting sizing tips

Your entranceway is the first chance you get to make a good first impression. Light it right with a foyer fixture that sets the tone for the rest of your home. Think of it as "inside curb appeal"! Whether you have a stately foyer with two or more floors, a smaller, cozier entryway, or something in between, we have tips on selecting and installing the perfect foyer light.

Foyer Light Size and Style Tips

Elara foyer light

Durell foyer fixture Think in terms of scale. A large chandelier or pendant will draw the eye upwards. Our Elara foyer light has an open, airy design and an elongated, chic form that works well in high-ceiling spaces. Another great choice is the Durell foyer fixture which offers a stately scale and double-tier silhouette with candle bases that appear to float on gently curving metal arms.
However, while a larger fixture makes a prominent statement, a flush or semi-flush mount fixture can also work well to create a wow factor in entryways. The Mariposa semi-flush hanging pendant creates a focal point, with details that have a lovely organic appeal, multi-directional light and a generous 20-inch diameter. For a contemporary look, we suggest the Delayne semi-flush mount light. Delayne has a mid-century appeal defined by an array of arms that extend outward. In addition, its beautiful metallic finish interacts with the light, casting reflections that bring even more illumination into the space. Mariposa semi-flush hanging pendant
Delayne semi-flush mount light

Utilize Accent Lighting for Balance


Featuring Cumberland

Remember to balance the illumination in the room. While the central fixture will be the primary light source, it's essential to have accent lighting to complement the larger light and add a glow to create even illumination throughout the space.

Latigo Bay wall sconce

Wall sconces are a perfect way to provide additional light or draw the eye down a hallway, especially one like Latigo Bay from the Jeffrey Alan Marks Point Dume Collection. The sconce has a silvery Mercury glass backplate that shimmers like sunshine glancing off the ocean waves, creating beautiful reflections in the room.

Sizing and Hanging Guidelines for Foyer Lights

Get the Right Diameter

Your foyer fixture needs to be in proportion to the area. A rule of thumb is to measure the length and width of the entryway in feet. Then, add the numbers and convert that to inches. For example, a 12-by-10-foot room equals 24 square feet, and you would choose a chandelier 24 inches in diameter.

Height and Length Lighting Installation Tips for Foyers
Height and Length Lighting Installation Tips for Foyers

For a 9 to 10-foot ceiling, hang fixtures at least 7 feet from the floor. In general, accommodate 2.5 - 3 inches of chandelier height for each foot of ceiling height.

For example, if the ceiling in your foyer is 10 feet tall, the height of your light fixture should be 30 inches. If you have a two-story foyer, try to hang the light fixture low enough to be visible from both stories but higher than the ceiling height of the first level.

For ceilings 11 feet or more, divide the vertical space into thirds, positioning the fixture(s) two-thirds of the distance from the floor so that the ceiling height does not overwhelm the space. If the foyer is large and has a high ceiling, we recommend choosing a slightly larger fixture than the formulas suggest.

In addition, confirm that the light doesn't interfere with the door swing. If it does, place it further back.

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