Make a Statement with Our Ultimate Recessed Downlight Solutions

Progress Lighting explains how recessed lighting can be used to create a statement in a room by accenting and highlighting a room’s decorative features.

Statement lighting fixtures such as large chandeliers create a "wow" factor in a space. But did you know that recessed downlights can also create amazing lighting effects in a room? These fixtures easily blend into a room's décor and can accent, highlight, and evenly illuminate all kinds of surfaces, architectural features, and artwork, making their own unique statement.

We've recently redesigned our downlighting solutions, with 4- and 6-inch recessed trims and housings, new LED trim options and much more to solve almost every lighting need.

Let's explore some of these new fixtures and how you can incorporate them into a home or business.  

About Recessed Lighting Components

Recessed lighting or downlights sit recessed to the ceiling for a sleek, unobtrusive look. 6-inch fixtures are a popular size: they create a wider wash of light. They are composed of two parts, the housing, and the trim. The housing is the fixture that house all the components such as the wires and lamp socket. The trim is the decorative piece that is visible and gives the fixture its overall decorative look.

Recessed Luxury Kitchen Lighting
Thorpe and Recessed Lighting

6-Inch Recessed Housings

6-inch Recessed Housing with Quick Link ConnectorOne of our most polar housings is the 6-inch Recessed Housing with Quick Link Connector. This housing offers several great installation features plus an Air-Tight rating. It is ideal for IC applications (where the fixtures are installed in direct contact with insulation in the ceiling) and non-IC (needs a minimum of 3 inches of clearance from the insulation on all sides) new construction applications. Its gasketed Air-Tight housing restricts airflow from conditioned spaces into unconditioned attic space, preventing unnecessary HVAC costs and improving the overall home energy efficiency. Wiring is made easy with the included wiring quick-connects that allow simple installation of 12-20 AWG wire without using separate wire nuts - simply strip supply wires and push in. 

6-Inch Baffle Trim

6 in. Step Baffle TrimThe 6 in. Step Baffle Trim offers one of the most popular recessed downlighting solutions. Baffle trims reduce glare, create a softer glow, and reduce eye strain. The surface baffles on the reflector offer a classic look and break up the lamp reflection producing a more comfortable light. This trim is made of a single-piece aluminum construction coated in a smooth satin white finish that eliminates light leaks around the flange and allows it to cover irregular ceiling openings. Use this trim in conjunction with various 6-inch recessed housings in new construction or home renovations.

6-Inch Smooth LED Trim

Intrinsic Collection Recessed LED DownlightWe suggest the Intrinsic Collection Recessed LED Downlight for an LED trim option - it's a sophisticated style ideal for modern, contemporary and transitional room settings. The white smooth trim ring is constructed from long-lasting polycarbonate. It beautifully lights a room using an integrated, dimmable LED light source that emits soft ambient, 3000K, 90 CRI illumination.

Smaller Aperture Options with 4-inch Downlights

Zin Kitchen Recessed Lighting
Featuring Zin and Recessed Lighting
Credit: Toll Brothers, Possibilities for Design and Bill Taylor

4-inch downlights feature a smaller aperture and are a luxe way to highlight artwork and other décor. Their elegant design discreetly blends into ceilings and delivers a narrow beam of light that casts the ideal amount of directional light onto surfaces and objects below.

4-Inch Eyeball Trim

4-inch Eyeball Adjustable Recessed Ceiling Light.Accent your space and highlight decorative objects with our 4-inch Eyeball Adjustable Recessed Ceiling Light. 360-degree positioning and 30-degree tilt allow for precise, variable directional downlight adjustment for wall washing, task lighting, or highlighting objects.

4-Inch Wall Washer

4-inch Wall Washer TrimEvenly illuminate vertical surfaces in your home with our 4-inch Wall Washer Trim. The integrated aluminum light deflector directs light horizontally to showcase artwork. Or graze walls with even light to highlight the space's textures and other architectural features.

Explore all new Progress Lighting recessed downlight solutions.

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