What is Industrial Luxe Style?

At Progress Lighting, we define Industrial Luxe Style as a refined and elegant version of Urban Industrial. Learn more about our light fixtures and how they embody the Industrial Luxe Style.

industrial luxe lighting

You've heard of Urban Industrial style, an interior design aesthetic that became popular in the late 2000s. It plays upon a building's historical elements by highlighting architectural details such as bare or painted bricks, metals, wood, and salvaged or recycled materials for a look that offers both vintage and modern appeal. The trend dates to the mid-20th century when large manufacturing facilities were shut down and vacated in the 1950s and 1960s. As a result, these buildings were perfect for re-use as living spaces.

The Evolution of Industrial Luxe Style

In the 2020s, Urban Industrial styling has evolved to an "Industrial Luxe" aesthetic, combining the look and feel of an urban loft with refined touches and softer edges.

“Industrial Luxe is a less theme-oriented style that pairs contemporary furnishings and authentic elements to create subtle glamour in the home,” explains David Peek, senior director of product development for Progress Lighting.

Industrial Luxe merges luxury elements with the core features of Urban Industrial design, such as exposed brick walls and pipes, concrete floors, and other hard textures. However, they are now combined with luxurious fabrics and brass and gold-toned finishes, adding elegance and sophistication to interiors.


While typical lighting fixtures in Urban Industrial settings have utilitarian design elements of exposed bulbs, wire cages, rivets, and spun metal shades, Industrial Luxe lighting is decidedly more refined, elevating a room’s look and feel. The design of Industrial Luxe lighting fixtures focuses on detail and silhouette, and these small touches add a sense of luxury.

Here are some great examples of Industrial Luxe lighting fixtures.

The Lowery Collection

PROG_P350203_031_heroctc_PRODIMAGE_515The Lowery Collection raises the bar on this contemporary design. Layered rectangular shields coated in a textured black iron finish are artistically combined with elegant, distressed gold leaf panels against a black frame. Light glows from within, casting a shimmering reflective light that highlights the beautiful contrast between light and dark.

The Saffert Collection

PROG_P400299_163_hero_PRODIMAGE_515The Saffert Collection embraces modern urban style. The chandelier and wall sconce feature clear glass shades punctuating its stoic beam frame. Vibrant, rich finishes including matte black, vintage brass and brushed nickel add an element of luxury against the stripped-back industrial feel of the frame. The Parkhurst pendant softens a distinctive Urban Industrial look by suspending the dome metal shade from an elegant ring and a gleaming metallic interior that casts a glowing light.

The Jeffery Alan Marks Point Dume™ Series

Several fixtures from our Jeffrey Alan Marks Point Dume™ series epitomize the glamour of the Industrial Luxe theme. The Sandbar and Onshore collections feature industrial-style hardware and tiers of metal banding, finished in luscious metallic combinations that personify a modern take on the raw aspects of industrial design. The Wandermere chandelier features gently curving, two-tone metallic shades that articulate outwards from a brushed brass center column, beautifully balancing form with substance.



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