Top 2023 Interior Design Trends

From Global to Cottage Core, Progress Lighting tells you the top 2023 interior design trends to give you the inspiration you need to tackle your home renovation projects in 2023.

Top 2023 Interior Design Trends

It’s time to ring in the new year with a fresh look at some popular interior design trends. From Global to Cottage Core, here are some of the top 2023 interior design trends to give you the inspiration you need to tackle your home renovation projects in 2023.

Global Interior Design

Global style reflects the memories of favorite destinations or aspirations of travel. Loads of textures offer an international appeal, and a minimalist approach combines sleek elements and patterned décor for a pop of color. It’s an eclectic look combed from cultures around the world. Global is perfect for anyone who shies away from rigid design rules, as they use their unique tastes, one-of-a-kind, memorable pieces, and inspiration from favorite spots to create their space.

Handcrafted woven frames provide relaxed warmth and texture to interiors. Our Pembroke pendant has a densely woven, handcrafted mocha rattan shade around seeded glass shades, casting softly diffused light onto surfaces below.


Modern Farmhouse Evolution

PROG_P400302-009_hero_PRODIMAGE_515The perennially popular Modern Farmhouse trend continues to evolve, with fresh neutral color schemes that keep pace with the minimalism that this trend is heading toward. Decluttered surfaces, simple décor and clean layouts create a calm and welcoming environment. Coziness and warmth are achieved through mixes of various textures, with wood still topping the list of the most essential materials. However, natural wood is replaced with white painted, grey washed and bleached wood surfaces, offering a fresh look to the style. Lighting such as the Galloway Six Light chandelier combines clean, modern lines with a rustic, lightly distressed grey washed oak frame to illuminate spaces in a casually elegant manner.

The Outdoor Living Trend

In the outdoor living trend, outdoor spaces become an extension of the home's interior, with lighting, furniture and décor that takes all the comfort, style and quality of inside designs to the outside. Outdoor spaces are curated just like indoor rooms, with seating, cooking and serving stations arranged in floor plans. Lighting like our Swansea island chandelier anchors dining and bar areas with an airy frame and clear glass shades that enclose elegant lights, protecting them from the elements.

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 Cottage Core


Cottage Core is about embracing the countryside, the beauty of nature, and living simply and sustainably. Interiors contain vintage and antique pieces, romantic floral patterns, and natural materials. The architecture features lower and slanted ceilings, smaller floor plans and walls that showcase the patina of time: think worn bricks, exposed shiplap, and textured white plaster. Lighting coated with lustrous finishes offers a timeworn look perfect for charming style. Our Mariposa pendant takes a naturalistic approach to room design by combining a whimsical floral motif with a luxurious antique gold finish.

Ready to learn more about popular interior design trends? Explore the Curated Collection Guide on our website to discover your style.


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