New Ways to Light a Bathroom

For a genuinely functional bathroom, you need to have multiple light sources that deliver both task and ambient illumination. Progress Lighting describes new ways to light a bath that complement its style while adding tons of functionality.

New Ways to Light a Bathroom

Today’s bathrooms are as stylish as the rest of a home. But besides looking good, they need to function well. For a genuinely functional bathroom, you need to have multiple light sources that deliver both task and ambient illumination. Here are some new ways to light a bathroom that complements its style while adding tons of functionality.

Linear Vanity Lights

Sleek and minimalistic, linear vanity lights offer a contemporary look that accents most décor while providing efficient LED task lighting. We offer our newest designs in brushed nickel and matte black finishes, plus various sizes that work well in most bathrooms.

Our Phase 3 and Phase 4 Collection LED Linear Vanity Lights feature color selectable, 3000K, 4000K or 5000K LED technology and a sleek, minimalistic design. Phase 3 styles present a thin, wall-mounted tubular design attached to an oval backplate. The Phase 4 Collection designs feature a smooth square backplate supporting a slim rectangular acrylic shade that creates a soft, uniform and energy-efficient light. This versatile luminaire can be mounted as a wall sconce or as a vanity light above sinks, lending its surroundings a tailored touch.

The Barril Collection LED Linear Vanity Lights have a rectangular silhouette supported by a slim metal frame. This wall-mounted, durable fixture is given an elegant touch with its rounded, half-cylinder acrylic shade that emits balanced 3000K 90CRI LED illumination.

Semblance LED_Bathroom_On trend_P300406-31M-CS_WEB

A sleek, square backplate anchors our Semblance Collection LED vanity lights. Edge-lit illumination shines from a handsome rectilinear metal bar that holds an acrylic diffuser along its length. Color selectable technology offers a choice of 3000K, 4000K or 5000K at a flip of a switch to perfectly illuminate surroundings with multi-directional, energy-efficient light.

LED Mirrors with Perimeter Lighting

Captarent LED_Kylo LED_Quadrant LED_Modern_Black_Bathroom_P300454-030-30_WEBLED mirrors are great for small bathrooms or ones that don’t have a lot of wall space since they combine efficient LED perimeter lighting, a sleek design, and a mirror in one convenient package. Lighted mirrors can be placed in any area as they come in different shapes and sizes and can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Our Captarent Illuminated Mirrors combine flawless function and fashion in a luxe addition to modern bathrooms. Offered in round, oval and square silhouettes, frosted LEDs highlight the profile of the mirror, creating a captivating aesthetic and providing a balanced wash of innovative LED illumination.    

Cylinder Lights

PROG_P550139-031-30_hero_PRODIMAGE_515 PROG_P550139-031-30_angle_PRODIMAGE_1200

For a different look in the bath, install cylinder lights to make more of a visual impact than a regular recessed fixture that installs flush into a ceiling. Our Surface Mount Cylinders have a clean, modular style and a swivel head design that casts crisp, multi-directional LED or incandescent light. These versatile low-profile fixtures can be mounted on a wall or a ceiling, are adjustable and can be used as a standard downlight, accent light, wall wash or sloped ceiling light. The integrated LED light source is 3000K, with high CRI and is dimmable using Triac/ELV systems. An internal reflector maximizes lumen output and increases efficiency. Or select the incandescent version, which uses one medium-based socket A19 or PAR 20 lamp to deliver a general ambient or a focused light output.

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