4 Home Décor Trends for 2020

We absolutely love sharing trends and designer tips to help make all your exciting design dreams come true, and we won't stop now! We're taking a deeper dive into some of our favorites: here are 4 home decor trends we love, and tips for getting the look just right.

Modern Craftsman

Haslett Collection

Contemporary Craftsman meets Farmhouse style when a home's exterior features wood cladding, a covered front porch, and gabled rooflines. Get the Look:
  1. Add exposed rafter detailing along the porch and dormer eaves for an authentic Craftsman touch.
  2. Paint doors a bright color and add vibrant planters to make entryways a welcoming focal point.
  3. A hanging lantern on the porch, such as Haslett, coordinates with wall lanterns at the doors for beacons of simple and classic style.


Winslett Collection | Hinton Collection

In a refreshed version of the Farmhouse trend, the pared-down feel of this kitchen owes its light and bright look to the completely open, cabinet-less wall above the sink. Get the Look:
  1. Hang neutral, vintage-feeling artwork, and flank it with adjustable wall sconces such as Hinton for functional flair.
  2. Install pendants like Winslett over the island, whose black-finished frame and wide glass shades bring together cohesive elements from the black-trimmed window panes.
  3. Place bar stools finished in lightly distressed wood trimmed with metal for a refined yet rustic touch.


Calhoun Collection | Hollingsworth Collection

A canvas of exposed brick walls and dark metal-paned windows brings interesting visual and textural elements to a contemporary Industrial space. Get the Look:
  1. Refine the warehouse look by painting natural brick walls a clean white.
  2. Select furniture and accessories with metal and wood elements to play up the minimal yet rugged vibe.
  3. Since utility and function are cornerstones of the warehouse look, place an ultra-functional pendant like Calhoun center stage, and adjust the pendant's arms for a personalized custom look.


Bowman Collection | Stone Collection

Masculine and feminine touches balance comfortably in Transitional style homes. Get the Look:
  1. Accent an airy color palette with interestingly textured decor and add depth with pops of subtle blue.
  2. Center the room with a black-framed, classic style chandelier like Bowman for a strikingly handsome focal point.
  3. Finish the look with wall sconces like Stone Glass, whose handmade organic glass features become part of the art on the gallery wall as they cast a naturally beautiful glow.

Want more inspiration? Our videos, social media, and brand-new catalogs coming your way soon are all planned specially to guide your design choices as you select the perfect lighting for your home, both inside and out.

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