3 Hot Interior Design & Lighting Trends for 2024

New year, New trends. Get inspired as Progress Lighting predicts the 3 top lighting and interior design trends on the horizon for 2024.

3 Hot Interior and Lighting Design Trends for 2024

It’s the start of the new year, and that means ringing in the latest interior design trends. As the world continues to evolve, so do the trends. From big and bold to subtle to modern, subtle and earthy here are three top interior design trends for 2024 as described by Eliza Alkire, Senior Product Designer for Progress Lighting.



Featuring the Loretta Collection- new for 2024 

Maximalism embraces eclectic, visually interesting spaces with layers upon layers, bold color, bold patterns, and always something new to discover.

“You can expect these spaces to have a bold pattern somewhere in the form of wallpaper, rugs, upholstery, curtains or a combination of them all. More pattern is better,” says Eliza. “Glam and polished metals can make a statement, from bright gold, to brushed brass and even chrome.” Look for hints of Hollywood Regency glam from the golden era of those opulent days of the 1920s and feminine shapos that are important to bring softness to what can be a very busy style.

Our new Loretta Collection, launching in January, has a maximalist style from glimmering pressed glass with organically shaped leaves finished in a softly blended gold ombre patina, capturing the serene feel of lily pads floating in a gently rippling pond. Light sources deliver an ambient glow behind the luxe glass and metallic discs that festoon its graceful frame.

Soft Modern


Featuring the Cornett Collection- new for 2024  

A fusion of warm hues, subtle texture and curved forms are set against sophisticated simplicity, creating the Soft Modern design trend. Luxe touches are brought in through small details like brushed metallic finishes, natural stone or exotic wood. Neutral colors make up the main palette for these spaces with color incorporated as accents.

“Curves are very important for this space,” says Eliza, “to bring in a softness and to help complement the angular shapes from modern details. Midcentury modern influences will pop up in this style, either in its original form as an accent piece or it serving as inspiration for furniture or lighting. Minimalism is the foundation. In this case, the less, the better.”

New for 2024, our Cornett Collection trumpet their arrival on the scene with a blending of timeless modern design. Dynamic angles offer a dramatic counterpoint to the softly sculpted curves of the matching metal reflector shades. Our Paso Ceiling Fan has bold architectural lines inspired by an origami flower.



Featuring the Pinellas Collection- new for 2024  

This trend brings the outdoors in and connect the built environment with nature. Natural materials are important for this style. Connect to the natural world with stone, earthenware, wood and woven materials like rattan or grasses.

“Plant life is a great way to bring the outdoors in,” advises Eliza, while also serving as a way to bring is some color. Earthy natural colors will make up the palette: think warm whites and taupes, calming sea blues and eucalyptus greens. These spaces can bring a calming and Zen-like feel. “

Our new Pinellas Collection, coated in a subtle white plaster finish gets to the point with a modern expression of a timeless form. The signature dual conical motif has the elements artfully nested together to provide a pleasing diffusion of light.

Stay tuned: we’re launching over 200 new lighting fixtures and ceiling fans on January 10. Explore our exciting new introductions beginning in January 2024 here.

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