Why WiFi - Introducing Smart Technology for Ceiling Fans

As smart technology becomes common in our daily lives, even low-tech appliances like ceiling fans are joining the smart home movement. And we're on board: Progress has recently partnered with Smart by Bond technology, bringing custom control to our collection of AC Motor ceiling fans.

So Easy
With Smart By Bond, our ceiling fans can be easily connected to your home WiFi in minutes and controlled remotely with WiFi-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets and personal voice assistants.

How does this work? The Smart By Bond WiFi chip is embedded inside the ceiling fan receiver, connecting it to a WiFi hub. It's as easy as downloading the Bond Home app to your smartphone (iOS and Android) or integrate it directly with voice-activated smart speakers (Amazon Alexa and Google Home) for hands-free/touch free ease of use. The WiFi control also supports IFTTT (If this then that) technology.

Once you've installed the app, add your Progress fan or fans (the Smart by Bond app can control multiple fans at once).

Next, you will see the device control screen on the app. Here's where you can adjust the fan on/off and speed control as well as the light on/off with full range dimming. For added function set timers and enable breeze mode. If your fan has Smart Reverse, you can set it to Summer or Winter directions. Finally, connect to your home's WiFi hub, and you're done!

Benefits Galore
The most significant benefit to a smart fan is the convenience factor - you can control your fan(s) from anywhere. Smart By Bond technology supports a remote lifestyle as you can manage and check up on your home while you are away. If you leave the house and forget to turn off the fan- no worries, simply grab your smartphone and turn it off remotely. You can set your fans to your preferred on/off schedule or turn them at will. If your fan has a light, control it remotely using the dimming light control setting. No need to walk into a dark house. Too much (or not enough) air? Use the Breeze mode to control airflow.

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Convenience aside, using ceiling fans can save you energy. It's typically more cost-effective to use a ceiling fan to control temperature than relying solely on an HVAC system. Ceiling fans work by cooling the room's occupants, whereas an HVAC system cools or heats the entire room. Often a ceiling fan alone is enough to make the room comfortable, and as it uses less energy, you may see significant savings in both the amount and cost of energy used. With the custom control offered through smart technology, ceiling fans are more energy-efficient than ever.

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