Top Picks for ABS Ceiling Fans

Progress Lighting explains how ABS plastic is used for stylish, efficient ceiling fans and ABS advantages plus top picks for ABS ceiling fans for indoor and outdoor use.

abs ceiling fan

Thanks to ABS, ceiling fans have become more stylish and functional than ever. What does ABS mean? ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, a flexible thermoplastic material that is easily molded into different shapes. Using ABS in ceiling fan design allows for a unique and precise fan blade design that looks beautiful and creates a strong airflow.

Advantages of ABS

ABS has a multitude of advantages. Since it’s plastic, it’s incredibly lightweight, durable and rust proof, making it an ideal material for ceiling fans in outdoor covered areas like patios and porches. Fan blades made of ABS provide high-performance, maximum efficiency, and robust airflow. 

Aesthetically, because ABS is easily shaped, it offers multiple beautiful design opportunities. For example, instead of traditional flat fan blade designs, ceiling fan designers can create a variety of unique, three-dimensional fan blade profiles. And ABS material can be finished to look like real wood, fabric, or even textured metal.  

Below you’ll find the top picks for the best new ABS indoor-outdoor ceiling fans by Progress Lighting.

A New Household Staple - The Kasota Ceiling Fan

Kasota modern living ceiling fanA sturdy metal housing and long lines bring contemporary style to the Kasota Collection. Three rectangular ABS fan blades with long blade arms that span the entire length are finished in a linen-like texture that softens its modern look. And an energy-efficient LED light kit with a white opal glass shade is included.



Urban Form & Function - The Mesilla Ceiling FanMesilla_Ceiling Fan_WEB

The Mesilla Collection has an organic style that delivers natural grace and beauty to indoor and outdoor rooms. Its flower-like silhouette comes from five hand-finished ABS blades that gently wrap around the housing, with a single metal band that seems to be holding the blades on, creating a beautiful focal point.  


Embrace Unique Style with The Spicer Ceiling Fan

Spicer modern bedroom ceiling fanSleek lines and solid metal housing offer an urban industrial edge to the Spicer Collection. Three curved, hand-finished ABS blades rotate around a slim, smooth fan body, giving sophisticated style to indoor and outdoor rooms.  

A Center Piece Worth Bragging About - The Manvel Ceiling Fan

Manvel cieling fanOffering modern elegance in a sleek form, the Manvel Collection is a 60” fan rated for indoor and outdoor applications with a DC motor. Three hand-finished, premium construction ABS blades give Manvel a stylish look, making it an ideal centerpiece for living rooms, great rooms, or an outdoor covered porch. 

Modern Industrial Style - The Kaysville Ceiling Fan

kaysville_Kellwyn_Hinton_Stature_Day_on_WEBBeautiful long bent blades appear to be held only by a simple metal band in the Kaysville Collection, offering a modern industrial style. Kaysville pairs the beauty of the blades with a strong, all-weather ABS material to prevent warping. 




The Edwidge Ceiling Fan

Edwidge kids playroom ceiling fanThe Edwidge Collection cleverly offers houses the motor within the trio of fan blades providing a sleek, modern look. All-weather ABS fan blades and a non-metallic housing and canopy offer rust-proof, contemporary style to indoor and covered outdoor settings. 

Create a Striking Focal Point with The Willacy Ceiling Fan

Willacy Ceiling FanThe Willacy Collection is striking in design, with ribbon-like blades that swirl around a gleaming center hub to create a gentle breeze. Willacy features all-weather, hand-finished ABS blades making it ideal for use under covered outdoor areas and indoor spaces. 


Achieve a Sleek Modern Look with The Alleron Ceiling Fan

Alleron Ceiling FanReminiscent of aviation days gone by, the Alleron Collection takes its styling cues from a set of airplane propeller blades. The hand-finished ABS blades paired with a sleek metal ceiling canopy and light kit add a modern industrial flair to indoor and covered outdoor settings.  



Check out more of our stylish ceiling fans for inside and outside the home.

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